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Is it possible to lower the hairline

Is it possible to lower the hairline A high forehead has always been considered a hallmark of aristocrats and a sign of significant mental ability. However, to some of the fair sex, such a feature of appearance seems ugly, rough and violates the proportional harmony of the face. In this case, little tricks come to the rescue, such as a suitable haircut or makeup, to smooth out the flaw. But, if you want radical changes, you can resort to surgical correction - frontoplasty, which, literally, allows you to create a new shape of the forehead.

Ways to visually reduce the forehead

Before going under the surgeon's knife for an expensive operation, you should try affordable and simple methods that will hide a high forehead.

Special makeup techniques will help to visually cope with the deficiency:

  • application of a dark contour from a matte foundation or powder around the circumference of the forehead, along the hairline. After gently blending with a brush, you can add some bronzer to enhance the effect;
  • bronzer, shaded on the temples and around the hairline;
  • shimmery powder or highlighter applied to the center of the forehead between the eyebrows;
  • brightly colored, pronounced eyes and lips will distract attention from the forehead;
  • slightly angular shape of not very dark and not wide eyebrows, instead of rounded, will make the forehead lower.

Tall hairstyles with slicked back sleek hair and an open face accentuate this area even more. Therefore, they are prohibited. The easiest tip is to cut off your bangs. It can be straight, asymmetrical or oblique. The last option is the best, since the oblique bangs become a stylish highlight of the image that attracts the eye. Also, it is advisable to comb the hair on the side, and not on the straight, parting.

Hairstyles with increased volume, but not at the roots, but in the lower part of the face, will hide the high forehead as much as possible. For example, curls of medium length that start in the middle of the head. Such fashionable haircuts as bob, bob, will create a stylish image and eliminate the flaw.

Frontal plastic - options

Frontoplasty is a collection of various surgical techniques that are used by plastic surgeons to correct the shape, eliminate cosmetic defects in the frontal zone and the area of the eyebrows. Surgery to reduce the forehead makes it possible to correct the asymmetry of the face, to strengthen the projection of the frontal tubercles. An anti-age effect is a bonus to plastic surgery, as the skin tightens, wrinkles disappear, overhanging eyebrows disappear.

There are different options for operations to change the shape of this zone:

  1. When the surgeon transfers the hairline. One of the most gentle procedures for correcting the frontal area. During which there is an excision of a small skin plate in the area of ​​hair growth and the transfer of the growth line with the follicles slightly lower. Thus, the height of the forehead is reduced, and bald patches go away. If it is necessary to enlarge the forehead, then the excision is done on the scalp, and the transfer takes place higher. At the same time, the brow area is lifted, increasing the forehead.
  2. Interference with bone structures. To increase the frontal area, implants are used that increase the bone. For a small reduction, a partial osteotomy (cutting off the bone) or bone resurfacing is performed. Complete osteotomy and crushing of the bone, followed by the assembly of a new relief and shape of the forehead, is used with significant corrections. Along with working with the bone, the doctor also corrects soft tissues, including the line where hair follicles grow.

Is it possible to lower the hairline You can also note such a low-traumatic procedure as endoscopic forehead plasty. The intervention involves up to 5 small incisions in the area where the hair grows. Through which, with the help of endoscopic devices, the skin layer is displaced in relation to the bone structures. That provides a pronounced rejuvenating effect - eyebrows are raised, wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, forehead, in the corners of the eyes are smoothed out, folds on the eyelids are reduced.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surgical Correction

  • The main advantages of surgery:
  • quick correction of asymmetric face shapes;
  • formation of the required level of the frontal zone;
  • changing the position of the eyebrows;
  • elimination of congenital or acquired defects;
  • correction of the hairline;
  • smoothing of vertical and horizontal wrinkles in the forehead;
  • general face contour lifting.

It is very tempting to get similar results from a single surgical procedure. However, it also has a downside in the form of a long rehabilitation period - 3-4 months, during which such complications are possible:

  • significant hematomas;
  • puffiness and a feeling of heaviness in the eyelids;
  • bleeding;
  • formation of blood clots;
  • infections in the area of ​​intervention;
  • loss of sensitivity and numbness of the skin in the plastic zone.

This is a rather complicated operation under general anesthesia, which is accompanied by pain and discomfort. But, if the desire to be beautiful is higher than these temporary difficulties, then the Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery will help you safely and effectively make the dream of an ideal appearance come true!

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