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Caring for an Implanted Breast

Attendance of the implanted breast  photo 1 Modern plastic surgery fulfills people's dreams of a perfect body. Now it can help not only to get rid of various cosmetic defects, but also to give the desired outlines to the figure. For example, one of the most popular types of plastic surgery is mammoplasty.

One step closer to the ideal figure

Installation of the implants in the breast is the most effective method of breast enlargement currently. Using high quality materials, surgeons can give the desired shape to the bust in just a couple of hours. In this case, the breast will seem quite natural both on the look and touch.

Mammoplasty is very important, but it is only the first step on the way to a beautiful bust. In order to fix the result, it is necessary to ensure proper care of the breast.

Taking care of the implanted breast

Attendance of the implanted breast  photo 2 The main rule to be followed by the girl after performing of the mammoplasty is to carry out all the doctor's recommendations. The shower can be taken in 5-7 days after the breast enlargement. During this procedure you cannot use a washcloth and harsh detergents.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of clothes. After surgery, the girls need to wear a compression garment to maintain the breast. Special bras perform several functions simultaneously:

  • fix the shape and position of the breast;
  • promote rapid healing of sutures;
  • support the breasts, preventing sagging and divergence of implants in the sides.

Special care should be taken with physical activity. Avoid sudden movements that provide the load on the breasts. Otherwise you should use special fixing linen.

Anatomical aspects of patients

Special aspects of the operation and actions regarding care for the breasts after the operation are depending on the type and location of the implant mainly. For example, high profile insertions with a narrow base are recommended in case a narrow chest. If the chest is wide, the optimal option is the low profile insertions. They have a broad base and slightly protrude in the forward direction.

The type of insertion location depends on the severity of the chest muscle. For example, in case of strongly expressed muscle, the implant is installed above it, which makes it possible to give mammary glands a neat and natural look.

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation

  • Can I fly on airplanes or scuba dive after the installation of silicone inserts? - Yes, since they can withstand much higher pressure (about 18 atm.) than the one that the mammary glands experience during diving or flying on a plane.
  • Will the operation affect the possibility of breast-feeding in the future? - No. Silicone inserts have no effect on the formation of milk.
  • Can the plasty cause breast cancer? - Medical researches exclude the effect of plastic surgery on the development of cancer.

Contraindications: what is forbidden after breast plastic?

Rehabilitation period excludes:

  • sunbathing - during the year (special attention should be paid to protection of the nipple-areola region);
  • intense exercises - during the first 2-3 months;
  • wearing underwear with bones - during 3 months;
  • active massage treatments - depending on the doctor’s recommendations.
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