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History of Plastic Surgery

Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to get rid of all kinds of beauty defects, resulting in extraordinary popularity of this field in medicine. With the help of surgeons you can regain youth and beauty, give your body the right proportions and the attractive shape to the figure.

History dating back to thousands of years

History of plastic surgery Human pays a lot of attention to own appearance. Even in ancient times certain standards of beauty were established, which we try to adhere to so far: slim and proportional figure, thin waist, taut young skin, neat nose. If the actual parameters did not correspond to the desired ones for any reason, the people have tried different ways of correction.

The first mention of Plastic Surgery

The term is of Greek origin from the word "plastikos", which means "to create a form". The first information about conducting of such operations is associated with the appearance of papyrus in ancient Egypt (XVI cent. BC). Even then, surgery was carried out taking into account the various aesthetic aspects.

Later, similar manipulations were performed in ancient India and China. In the records of Bian Tsyue, the Chinese healer, that are dated V century BC, information about conducting aesthetic operations on the eyes and ears is present. East doctors carried out a number of other aesthetic procedures as well:

  • nose correction;
  • elimination of the defect known as "hare lip";
  • figure correction.

When did the plastic surgery appear?

We can say that plastic surgery came with the development of ancient medicine. Even then, the doctors carried out various operations, taking care that traces and sutures were hardly noticeable. Eastern healers have achieved great success in the process of eliminating various appearance defects. During the numerous wars their skills allowed soldiers to restore the former appearance with minimal traces of sutures and scars.

A new milestone in the history of plastic medicine is associated with the age of Enlightenment, when it is separated into a medical field. In the XIX century the doctors began to use anesthesia in the operations, antiseptics were developed, which made it possible to bring this area of medicine to a new level.

Modern plastic surgery

The procedures made to restore beauty and youth have acquired particular popularity in the middle of the last century. After the Second World War, the surgeons did what they could to relieve soldiers from the effects experienced by military action.

Starting from the 50s, new techniques in aesthetic medicine used to eliminate the defects of appearance were improved and developed, which gave a new impetus in the development of the industry. At this time, the doctors began applying local anesthesia, which allowed to perform more safe transactions.

Now the plastic surgery can eliminate almost any aesthetic defect. The use of the latest equipment and advanced techniques allows to give your body the desired appearance and shape with minimal risk to health.

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