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Innovations in Plastic Surgery

Innovations in Plastic Surgery photo 1 Modern plastic surgery can be truly called a separate branch of medicine that helps to fight with various defects of appearance. Now it is real make a perfect figure, eliminate the signs of aging and return your body to its former beauty and youth without much effort!

Cosmetic Surgery: Look into the Future

This branch of medicine is very popular now. This trend leads to the rapid development of technology, the development of new techniques that help patients to achieve the desired results in the fight against various defects in appearance.

The approach to the work of specialists is being changed dramatically already. Surgeons tend to conduct operations as carefully as possible in order to not give the desired shape and form to the body of the patient only, but they also intend not to leave any traces of the surgery. The use of endoscopes and laser devices led to great success in the implementation of these tasks.

Innovative technologies and techniques in plastic surgery

Innovations in Plastic Surgery photo 2 Modern plastic surgery poses a few basic tasks:

  • elimination of different aesthetic defects;
  • the reconstruction of various parts of the body after injuries and surgical interventions;
  • eliminating of the aging signs, the return of elasticity and youthfulness to the skin;
  • safe and painless execution of aesthetic treatments and surgeries without scars and other surgical marks.

In order to achieve the desired result, surgeons are constantly introducing new technologies into their work to minimize the trauma to the skin and eliminate the possibility of complications.

For example, laser equipment used to carry out anti-aging treatments without surgery is very popular now. The use of laser in the process of performing plastic surgery makes it possible to minimize the number of incisions on the skin and eliminate the risk of tissues infection.

The innovative technologies in aesthetic surgery are:

  • the use of fillers such as Yuviderm and Restylane that contain natural ingredients in their composition;
  • the use of advanced materials in the course of operations, such as breast implants of special gel which does not flow even in case of damage;
  • transplantation of skin and extensive grafts of various tissues.

Now plastic surgery makes a big bet on the use of stem cells in the future. With their help fat, bone and muscle tissues can be grown in order to achieve a desired aesthetic or therapeutic effect.

Also the "lipofilling" method is under development, which provides transplantation of fat deposits into the part of body, which requires more volume. However, such procedures will be applied only when it is proved that they are safe for human health.

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