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Rehabilitation after plastics: what you need to know?

The recovery period after the plastic surgery photo 1 Plastic surgery makes it possible to get closer to the dream of the ideal appearance and a beautiful body. However, like any other procedures requiring surgical intervention, such operations may be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

Rehabilitation after plastic: what do you need to know?

The pattern of appearances varies depending on what type of operation was carried out and what part of the body was subject to correction. Swelling, pain in the affected area, general weakness and malaise are being observed after surgery often.

The patient is being warned on the possible manifestations by the plastic surgeon. After all, the speed of your recovery depends on how much you are ready to rehabilitation period after plasty.

The period after plastic surgery

The recovery period after the plastic surgery photo 2 Many patients say that the most difficult stage of the recovery is the first few hours after surgery. At this time the body recovers from the anesthesia, and the following is observed often:

  • nausea;
  • general weakness;
  • pain in the area of the operation.

The intensity of these manifestations depends on how complex and deep the surgery was. To help you cope with painful consequences, a doctor may prescribe painkillers intake.

On the first day after the plasty, the swelling may occur in the correction area. Such a reaction is considered to be quite natural. Typically, the swelling is most expressed on the third day of recovery period, after which it begins to decrease.

In case of minor bleeding during surgery, the bruising may be present. Hematomas last for quite a long time - sometimes it may take 3-4 weeks up to a complete disappearance of them. If the bruise on the skin does not disappear, it is necessary to talk about complications during rehabilitation and see a specialist.

Physical activity after plasty

Surgeons recommend getting out of bed on the day the procedure was performed for the prevention of blood clots in the vessels. The patient can return to the normal activities in 3-5 days after surgery. Subsequently, it is recommended to avoid loads that cause pain and lead to stretching of the joints in the affected area.

It is allowed to play sports in 3-5 months. The rehabilitation period depends on the health of the patient and the type of plasty held.

Meals during rehabilitation

Surgery - is a stress for the whole organism. It is necessary to help the body by creating the gentle conditions for it so that recovery was as quick and easy as possible. Nutrition should be of special attention. Take care of the proper water balance. After the operation you should drink more water and eat light, diet meals.

Inappropriate complications

Rehabilitation often takes place quite effectively and painlessly. It is urgent to visit the specialist if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • increase in swelling after 3-5 days after surgery;
  • a sudden increase in pain;
  • raising of the temperature to 38° C and above;
  • appearance of blood or fluid at the place where the surgical intervention was performed.

It is necessary to attend to yourself and your health in order to ensure a quick recovery without consequences.

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