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All About Breast Implants

Breast implants

Beautiful breast is a dream and a source of pride of modern women and girls. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity would like to change the shape and size of the breast, which is why mammoplasty is now a very popular branch of plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation: How does the operation proceed?

Operations of this type provide the possibility of using two main approaches. For example, a breast can be increased by using own adipose tissue (this procedure is called lipofilling) or by using a special breast implant.

The second option is more popular because it gives an opportunity to get more aesthetic and long-lasting effect in the process of breast enlargement.

Types of breast implants

The endoprostheses used during the operation in may vary by several characteristics:

  • form;
  • material (filler);
  • size;
  • surface type.

Forms of breast implants

Breast implants photo 1 Currently, the application of two product forms is of interest: anatomical (teardrop) and round. The choice of form depends not only on the physiological characteristics, but also on the purpose of the operation. For example, anatomical implants are used for breast enlargement and round products impart aesthetic shape to sagging breasts.

The fillers that are being used

The question of the filler for many women is decisive during the choice of implants for breast augmentation. The most common versions of products are:

  • salt;
  • silicone;
  • gel.

The endoprosthesis is determined depending on the filler and the price. Thus, for example, salt prostheses are less practical because their use allows for damage to the product integrity, followed by streaming of the solution, which can be very unpleasant for a woman. However, the cost of the endoprosthesis is considerably lower compared with the silicone gel and analogues.

Dimensions of breast implants

Breast implants photo 2 The size of implants used for correction of the mammary glands is determined on the basis of the wishes of the woman and the indications of a plastic surgeon. One size corresponds to 150 ml of the implant. That is, one endoprosthesis with volume of 300 ml will increase the breast size by two.

The size of implants also can be fixed or adjustable. Fixed silicone products have a valveless form - their volume cannot be changed. Adjustable implants have a special valve that allows the surgeon to adjust their size during implantation.

Shelf life of implants

Modern manufacturers of silicone implants report of unlimited shelf life of such products. Even after prolonged use, they do not cause the appearance of any tumors and do not affect the breastfeeding process.

However, over time, a woman's breast can change its natural shape, which will require to make a repeated operation to give it an aesthetic appearance.

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