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International Forum «Intrenational Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program»

Международный форум "Intrenational Society of Aestetic Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program" фото 1 7-8 April 2017 was truly a great event - international meeting famous plastic surgeons from abroad with colleagues plastic surgeons of Ukraine- Ukrainian-Baltic International Forum Intrenational Society of Aestetic Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program.

The event was a unique large-scale character and was held under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, with patronage of the Government Committee on Health and the World Association of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), founded over 40 years ago.

The main priority of ISAPS have continuing education of plastic surgeons all over the world and the high demands on the knowledge of experts in the field of plastic surgery.

Международный форум "Intrenational Society of Aestetic Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program" фото 2 The whole event was literally in one breath - live surgery, advanced and most progressive methods of augmentation of the chest, buttocks and shins, the exchange of professional experience with the world stars of plastic surgery - Paolo Montemurro, Sweden - plastic surgeon, member of the Swedish Association of Plastic Surgeons, Constantino Mendieta, USA professor of ISAPS, a plastic surgeon certified by the American board of plastic surgery and Janis Gillisom- MD, President of the Latvian Association of ductile FIR surgeons.

Международный форум "Intrenational Society of Aestetic Plastic Surgery Visiting Professor Program" фото 3 The most impressive moment, of course, was brilliantly performed operative interventions by domestic specialists: augmentation of the buttocks by Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, President of the Club of Plastic Surgeons Khrapach Vasily Vasilievich, breast augmentation - Denischuk Pavel Andreevich, National Secretary of ISAPS, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Member of the Presidium of VAPREC.

We wish that such events were more and more, because all of us do not get tired of learning from each other, are happy to share trade secrets and experiences, strengthening friendship and mutual understanding with our colleagues!

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