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What are the best strands for a facelift?

What sutures are better for the facelifting

Age-related changes of the skin are something every woman wants to protect herself from. However, age has the upper hand, and the facial skin gradually loses its firmness and elasticity, the wrinkles begin to appear on it, and they become deeper and more noticeable over time.

Modern cosmetology is constantly looking for new ways of getting rid of many age-related skin changes. Lifting is one of the most effective and popular procedures now.

Suture lifting: aspects of the procedure

What sutures are better for the facelifting photo 1 The procedure is a facelifting with minimal trauma to the skin. This option would be the best solution for those women who wish to carry out the procedure of rejuvenation in a conservative manner.

Suture lifting comprises administering special sutures under the skin, the diameter of which is usually less than the thickness of a human hair. They form a robust framework under the skin that makes it possible to create the desired contour of the face, removing such age manifestations as the omission of the cheekbones, the appearance of wrinkles near the corners of the mouth, sagging of the cheeks or appearance of the double chin.

The main types of sutures used for facelifting

Material type is selected by a specialist who conducts the procedure, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client's state of health, the nature of the age-related changes and the type of the area subject to treatment.

The cosmetic sutures are divided into three main types according to the type of action:

  • Absorbable sutures, which dissolve under the skin after a while, leaving a frame from the skin cells that prolongs the effect obtained;
  • Non-absorbable sutures, which are used to eliminate the serious age-related manifestations, as they are permanently located under the skin;
  • Combined sutures, which have absorbable and non-absorbable elements, thus preserving the long-term effect of the sutures use.

Advantages and disadvantages of different materials

What sutures are better for the facelifting photo 2 The most popular types of materials used in the suture lifting are Aptos cosmetic sutures. Each of these types is characterized by its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, Aptos material is made of gold, which makes it possible to create hypoallergenic frame to secure the desired shape of the face with minimal trauma. However, this type of material provides a constant location under the skin because it is not absorbed.

Rehabilitation after performing the suture lifting

Lifting of the skin using cosmetic threads provides the need for aversion to hot food and heat treatments for several days after rejuvenation. It is also recommended to limit the use of the sauna, baths and spa treatments in the subsequent month and minimize facial loads.

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