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Is facial plasticity a whim or a necessity?

The facial surgery – is it a caprice or a necessity?

Nowadays, the surgery to eliminate the negative age-related changes of the face and neck are one of the most high-demanded. The competition for attractive appearance is becoming more widespread in the life of urban society. A young and beautiful look is one of the most important components of success in life.

For many people, plastic surgery is the only way to get rid of any visual handicaps and the ability to return the young and attractive appearance. And when preoperative apprehension and sometimes complex and long rehabilitation period is over, the reflection in the mirror gratifies for a long time. Statistical studies indicate that people who have made themselves anti-aging facial plasty live longer by 7-10 years. The quality of life is much higher for self-confident persons as well. These people are working longer and more productively, they take a proactive attitude.

The days when plastic surgeon's arsenal included only a few operations on the face and the diagnosis and treatment plan was made "from the front door" are gone long ago.

Many basic surgeries were proposed at the end of the twentieth century. Back in 1996, Oscar Ramirez wrote that their combination, particular modifications, combinations or elimination of some techniques have created a huge set of options for surgical facelifting. Now it offers many new and interesting surgical procedures as well. This entire arsenal allows to achieve a more holistic and harmonious result of facial rejuvenation.

The professionalism of the surgeon is the ability to notice and evaluate a set of anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics of each individual patient and to have enough means to solve each problem. Today, a professional surgeon is not limited to a facial surgery. He must individualize the treatment plan. Often it is a combination of simultaneous procedures or a series of interventions that are difficult to be divided into obligate and palliative.


Rhinoplasty is the operation aimed at making the perfect shape of the nose, emphasizing the harmony of the individual image. This manipulation includes one-step correction of all external nose sections, and the manipulation with its internal structure if necessary. Each operation has its own characteristics, and provides a reduction in the nasal structure (reduction rhinoplasty), the increasing of its projection in certain areas (augmentation rhinoplasty), correction of congenital or acquired deformities (reconstructive rhinoplasty) or restoration of breathing quality (functional rhinoplasty). The procedure may be performed in an open or closed manner.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures. The patients request assistance in the clinic of plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is the anatomical shape of the nose that does not suit the patient. The problems may also include congenital or acquired deformities and functional disorders.

The list of means of a plastic surgeon regarding the rhinoplasty is very large. With the right approach and professionalism, we can solve almost any surgical problem.

After a relatively short post-operation period the patient receives the desired result, which will remain forever and will get rid of complexes and self-doubts.

The plastics of the forehead

Open high forehead and eyebrows harmonious position are the essential components of a positive image.

Static transverse forehead furrows are caused by the constant tension of the frontal muscles. The patients with anatomically low position of the eyebrows use the frontal muscle subconsciously and thus stabilize the eyebrow in an aesthetically favorable position. The "Open" look created by such means comes at a price - a single or multiple horizontal forehead wrinkles. Men with severe blepharochalasis often solve the problem of limiting the size of the vertical field of view by means of a tilting the head. Generally such a view is typical for men with redundant fat on the face, located mainly at the area of the upper eyelids. For aged women it is more natural to raise the eyebrows. It makes the view much "easier" and allows to apply the makeup on the eyelids and to paint the eyelashes. The formed forehead wrinkles are less of a problem for them in fact; they just can hide them under the hair. However, the process of tissue ptosis progresses inexorably, and the contractile capacity of muscles do not compensate the ptosis of the eyebrows. In this case, a visit to a plastic surgeon is the only possible way to solve the problem.

Eyelid surgery

For most people the age-related changes become visible after 35-40 years. And of course, these changes affect the most moving parts of the face with the thinnest skin. The overhang of the skin in the upper eyelid areas, small skin folds in the area of arcula outer edge, sometimes overlapping into the temporal area, a clear visualization of the arcula lower edge, significant contouring of fat on the lower eyelid and depression (ptosis) of the outer edge of the eye may be present.

The plastic surgery using the most popular procedure – the blepharoplasty (the eyelid surgery) – is ready to aid those people who wish to deceive the inexorable nature. By using this surgery, the periorbital area can be rejuvenated effectively. The result of the operation is a rejuvenated face and clear eyes.

The otoplasty

The main indication for otoplasty is patient dissatisfaction regarding the appearance of his ears. Thanks to skillful actions of the plastic surgeon, the surgery usually proceeds quickly and without any complications. Despite you can see the final results of the intervention within a month only, the first results will be noticeable within the first week.

Due to the relatively low traumatic surgery, it is possible to get rid of a significant lack of appearance.

Finally it is worth noting that facial surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so the patient does not feel pain during surgery. During the recovery period it may be uncomfortable, but usually this is a relatively short period that the clinical experts help to facilitate.

Thus, the facial surgery is a modern method that allows to solve many aesthetic problems, obtain the desired appearance and gain self-confidence. The positive effect of these operations often exceeds even the highest expectations. Therefore, the facial surgery is a real chance to get rid of complexes and begin to live a full and vibrant life!

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