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Is it worth doing face lipofilling and what are the advantages?

Beauty is a great power. However, with age, maintaining it is becoming increasingly difficult. It is all because of aging, which is causing irreversible changes in the skin, muscle and adipose tissue. And no matter what the women would do, no matter what cosmetics they use, but it is almost impossible to mask the sagging skin, wrinkles and angular cheekbones.

Until recently, the situation was a big problem for many people. There was no cosmetic or plastic way to solve this problem. Cosmetics did not give the desired effect and the techniques of plastic surgery used previously were not always safe. Fortunately, today the situation in this area has changed dramatically.

Modern plastic surgery uses a lipofilling method, which is safe and provides excellent results. The method is about the transplantation of the patient's own fat deposits from the problem areas onto the face. The efficiency of this technique is provided by several factors.

Unlike other methods of plastic surgery, the lipofilling virtually has no contraindications and side effects; it is well tolerated and does not require a long limitation of regular and physical activity. In addition, grafting of fat taken from the patient himself is much more effective than the use of the fillers made artificially.

The technology of this plastic intervention provides an individual approach to the choice of places used for the intake and the injections of the fat, together with the careful treatment of the material obtained, so its survival at the new location is only a matter of time and the skill of the surgeon. Fortunately, the professionals who know and love their profession work in our clinic.

Therefore, after a short period of time a client of our clinic is able to get rid of the sagging skin on the cheeks, mask the knuckled cheekbones and improve facial contours. But the most important thing is that the facial expression changes, haggard and tired look disappears, the face looks younger and literally glows with health. And all of this may be done thanks to lipo-modeling.

The main advantages of lipo-modeling

Today lipofilling is of the most successful achievements of modern plastic surgery. This method has many advantages, which are indicated below:

  1. Guaranteed Results. Correction of a face with the use of lipo-modeling technology allows to change the face of human dramatically – it allows to adjust the shape of the face, make the lips more sensual, remove wrinkles and sagging skin;
  2. Long duration of the achieved results. Once survived, the fat tissues will provide youth and fresh complexion for a long period of time;
  3. Complete safety. The special tools are used during collection and injection of fat, which prevent injuries of nerves and blood vessels, so the facial nerve paresis and hematomas are absent once lipofilling was done correctly;
  4. The uniqueness of the technology. The fat contains stem cells. Therefore, fat injection combines the advantages of contour correction and biorevitalization techniques. The modeling and anti-aging effect is achieved upon them;
  5. There are no side effects. The sterile equipment is used during the lipo-modeling, and the obtained fat mass is carefully processed; these measures eliminate the possibility of infection and contribute to a better survival;
  6. The problems with excess body fat are being solved. During the operation the fat is taken from the areas where it is contained in a large volume, and it immediately solves 2 problems - the rejuvenation of the face and making a body well-shaped;
  7. A short recovery period. A couple of hours after the lipo-modeling the patient can go home;
  8. Biological inertness of the method. The rejection is almost impossible when applying the bio-filler. This is why the lipo-modeling does not cause allergic reactions, is well tolerated and ensures a stable result.

Thanks to lipo-modeling, it is possible to avoid more serious surgical procedures. After all, anti-aging and corrective effect of the procedure would be stable, long-term (up to 5 - 7 years) and 100% natural. It is therefore not surprising that this method is very popular. You can find more information about the procedure on our web-site. Good luck!

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