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Facelift and rejuvenation

Lifting and facial rejuvenation The facelifting is a type of cosmetic surgery, which tightens facial skin, neck, eliminates excess skin and fat tissue; the activities which result in the fiber facial tissues acquire elasticity are being performed as well. The procedure passes under general anesthesia, it is similar to other plasty procedures (breast enlargement, improvement of nose shape); it takes from one and half hours to four hours. All hospitalization takes only one day, bandages are removed after 4-6 days, the recovery process usually takes 1-2 weeks and moderate physical strain is permitted after one month.

So, what a lifting and facial rejuvenation?

Wrinkles can appear in different parts of the face, regardless of age and gender of the person. Some people complain about the folds between the mouth and nose, while others see own hanging skin around the jaws, what results in the skin weakening on the neck. These changes can be effectively removed with the aid of the cosmetic surgery, which is more commonly known as the facelifting. It is possible to obtain good results in changing the appearance and state of the face skin by eliminating unnecessary parts of the skin with excessive fat and squeezing a certain part of tissues and muscles. This procedure may also aid to remove (or mask) the signs of aging mentioned above. Facelifting can be done as a single procedure or it may be performed in a combination with other treatments (e.g., blepharoplasty – the eyelid surgery). Another solution might be an easy surgical lifting without using a scalpel – the lifting with the sutures. If you are serious about making the lifting, the following information will help you understand the procedure, answer the question whether this therapy can help you, how it will be done, and what results you can expect.

Are you a candidate for performing of the lifting?

Facelifting is mostly popular among the women, but in recent years a keen interest in this cosmetic procedure appeared among men. The main sign that you need the lifting of the skin is a sagging face and neck. The absolute condition of treatment includes good health of the patient. Most people who use this procedure have an age from 45 to 65 years. Facelifting can also be done for younger patients, if the skin aging effects mentioned above appeared before the expected date. Also, plastic surgery is useful for older people who are prone to carry out medical advice. Facelifting literally makes you look younger, but the result should not give unnaturalness to your appearance.

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