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Plastic surgery in summer

Plastic surgery in summer photo 1Almost everyone who decided to make plastic surgery, especially those who face it for the first time immediately begin to ask a lot of questions. Because there are so many myths associated with the process itself and with its consequences. It is very difficult to distinguish fact from fiction for a person who is far from all this.

Perhaps, one of the most common myths is associated with rationality of surgical intervention in summer. Of course, it has both positive and negative sides, but forceful statements about danger of operations in a hot period are absolutely groundless.


Plastic surgery in summer photo 2Among the first arguments in defense of the plastic surgery carried out in summer, one might as well name the fact that on the west coast of the USA, where it is in greatest demand, it is very hot all year round. Despite this, the local experts have no problems associated with high air temperature. Clinics offer their patients powerful air conditioners and climate control systems, due to which no intertrigos and inflammation appear under bandages and special linen.

There are many advantages of such surgical intervention in summer:

  • at this period immunity improves and therefore the possibility of inflammation and various complications is extremely low;
  • accelerated metabolic processes help the body to recover in the shortest time possible;
  • the blood flow improvement causes rapid healing of tissues;
  • more collagen is produced in skin that minimizes occurrence of adhesions;
  • in summer surgical scars skins over more quickly.

Besides, not everyone wants to state openly that they have subjected their body to surgical correction, so for a person who does not want to dedicate friends and colleagues to the issue, the holiday season is the best time for such manipulations. In summer, you can leave for a long time, referring to desire to have a rest all alone, while no one will have unnecessary questions.

There are types of plastic surgery, recommended for carrying out in the hot season. Among these are:

  • blepharoplasty, which then can be hidden under sunglasses;
  • otoplasty, excluding cases where it is necessary to reconstruct ear auricles;
  • endoscopic facelifting.

In many clinics doctors also advise to carry out rhinoplasty in summer. So you can reduce the risk of inflammation of mucous membranes. The truth is that there is one nuance. You will not be able to wear glasses for several months. Because of this, this method is not suitable for people with sun-sensitive eyes.


The main reason why most people refuse to carry out plastic surgery in summer is that temporary scars and oedema do not allow to wear open clothes. There is nothing to object here. The healing time of such marks in hot weather is shortened but still takes several months and all this time people are trying to hide them under clothes. Very few people decide to wear swimming suits before they disappeared.

There is another argument in favor of such procedures carried out in a less sunny season, because even if a person doesn't pay attention on opinion of others and is not embarrassed because of scars, he should remember about sensitivity of new scars to ultraviolet rays. It is fair to say that you can safely go on vacation in a couple of weeks after surgery, it is enough to buy a quality tanning cream with a high level of protection.

Operations in summer are contraindicated in rare cases and it is connected solely with intolerance of high temperatures by some people. Only two types of procedures, abdominoplasty and liposuction are really better to leave until fall.

When a patient has controversial questions and doubts, the best way is to visit a clinic and communicate with a doctor. Only after an individual examination of a specialist it can be said what will be harmful to him and what is useful.

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