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Author's master-class from Ilya Slyusarev on rhinoplasty

On June 10, 2017 was a grandiose meeting at the medical center LLC “Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery « under patronage of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (VAPRECH) - Ilya Slusarev's masterclass - aesthetic, functional closed rhinoplasty..

The event is really unique, because our colleagues, specialists in the field of plastic aesthetic surgery from all over Ukraine, from Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk came to visit us.

Ilya Slusarev's masterclass - aesthetic, functional closed rhinoplasty

 photo 1 The President of VAPRECH, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Pinchuk Vasily , Chief Surgeon of the Department of Health of the Poltava City Council, Ph.D., Dubinsky Nikolay , greeted the specialists with a welcoming speech.

he director, the chief physician of the medical center of the Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Ltd., a dermatovenereologist of the highest category, Slyusareva Lesya sincerely congratulated all the participants of the master class, told about the surgical and scientific activities of Ilya Slyusarev, surgeon with 25 years of experience in plastic surgery .

And the symposium on the lecture of the head of the surgery department of the medical center of the Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery LLC, the surgeon of the highest category, the certified member of VAPRECH, the candidate of medical sciences Slyusarev Ilya  "Formation of the nose pyramid with the right nasolabial and naso-facial angles with the help of the author's osteotome".

Ilya Slusarev's masterclass - aesthetic, functional closed rhinoplasty photo 2 Within the master class Ilya Slyusarev successfully made 4 aesthetic rhinoplasties with the presence of colleagues in the operating room, because it is very important to monitor the skilled hands of the surgeon not on the screen of the monitor, but to be a participant in "live" surgery!

For a long time the applause will not be calmed down by the skillfully experienced surgeon, Ilya Yuryevich Slyusarev, because the master class was held - an event of high professional, practical, scientific level, and it was held in our magical city of Poltava, which we all love very much!

Once again I want to sincerely thank all colleagues for the excellent opportunity to communicate and exchange experience.

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