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Myths about liposuction

Myths about liposuction photo 1 The technique which allows to get rid of fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs or buttocks for one procedure, attracts many people who want to lose weight. But the concept and essence of the procedure - liposuction is not always correctly interpreted that keeps the people wishing to lose weight either to wait for results that the procedure cannot provide, or to refuse it because of ignorance of some of its features. We will consider 9 main myths about liposuction.

1. The procedure helps to get rid of cellulitis

Cellulitis is the metamorphosis of the subcutaneous tissue into the unevenness, tuberosity and the hollows formation. The cause of the formation of the "orange skin" is the violation of lymph flow, and this problem is not related to fat deposits, because even people who are not overweight can have cellulitis.

2. Fat removed during surgery will never return

Despite the fact that most fat cells are removed from the problem area, if you do not control your diet and do not have physical activities, obesity can return. Deposits can return to the site of intervention or arise on absolutely other sites that will require an additional surgical treatment.

Myths about liposuction photo 3 3. Liposuction provides 100% weight loss

The effect intensity depends on the degree of obesity. For one procedure it is possible to pump out not more than 3-4 liters of fat. If you exceed this rate, you can provoke a loss of blood. As the following procedure can be carried out no sooner than 1 year, in cases of severe obesity you will not achieve absolute weight loss. In this case, the procedure allows you to correct only the most problem areas.

It is also worth noting that the procedure has local effect. In other words it does not help you lose weight, but only correct the expressed fat deposits. Women are often carried out suction in the areas of hips and buttocks, knees, abdomen and waist. The main problem areas are the area of the chest and abdomen.

4. The procedure ensures the slender, tight body shape and does not require additional correcting

After removal of adipose tissue, the significant folds of the skin are formed at the affected area because excess fat has stretched it. Folding can disappear on their own among the patients with a good skin turgor, but this will take time and a number of additional procedures will be required. In other cases, surgical excision of excess skin is performed. These operations can be performed absolutely on all sites where liposuction has been carried out.

5. Liposuction is a simple plastic surgery

This procedure is a serious surgical intervention. After removal of adipose tissue, the patient remains under the doctor supervision for 1-2 days. Then follows the rehabilitation period, during which it is necessary to constantly wear compression garments. A number of complications can also arise, for example, as abnormal cicatrization or in the form of tissue necrosis.

Myths about liposuction photo 2 6. The procedure result is visible immediately

Because the liposuction is a serious surgical intervention, it requires a long recovery period. As a result of excision of adipose tissue, blood vessels are damaged, that leads to major edema. For some time after the procedure, the operated areas can look even more voluminous than before.

7. Areas where fat has not been pumped off will recover faster

It is worth noting that in comparison with the areas where pumping has been carried out, other zones really can seem larger. But it completely does not depend on the rate of increase of body volume. If you follow the diet after the surgery, you can keep the result forever.

8. The procedure does not have any counterindications

This type of body shape correction should not be used for people with sagged, loose skin. Since it will be difficult to get the desired aesthetic result. Also a direct contraindication is arterial hypertension, significant hepatic and kidneys dysfunction.

9. The procedure is carried out right after applying to the hospital

Pumping is preceded by the preparation period. It is necessary to have a number of tests, in two weeks before surgery it is necessary to refuse to take any medications, in 8 hours prior to the procedure it is forbidden to drink and eat.

If you evaluate all the pros and contras before the procedure, then you will be reliably satisfied with the result and will be able to avoid any possible complications.

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