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How does the breast with implants behave after delivery?

Seeking to get a beautiful shape and a larger breast size, many women are afraid of surgery, because they do not have full information concerning the effect of implants on the feeding process of a child. It is also important to consider how the mammary gland changes with implants after childbirth and the end of milk-ejecting activity.

Can a woman feed a child with a silicone breast?

How does the breast with implants behave after delivery? 1 The functionality of the silicone breast in the period of lactation does not differ from the natural one. All this happens because the implant is placed under the glands, which do not interfere with the human milk production and let-down. There is no need to be afraid that during feeding a child can accidentally damage the implant. Being within the walls, silicone cannot penetrate into the circulatory system of the body. Nevertheless if there could be a gap, then you shouldn't be afraid of it. In the process of healing, the body forms a protective capsule around the silicone, because it perceives it as a foreign body and tries to protect it from other tissues. In addition, many items for small children are made from silicone. It can be pacifiers, teethers for teeth, toys, which indicate its complete safety.

But still, depending on how the surgery would be performed, there can arise some difficulties with feeding. If an incision around the nipple was made for inserting the implant, it could lead to nerve damage and loss of sensitivity to lactation. As a result, feeding can be complicated.

If the silicone implant was inserted incorrectly or changed its position after the surgery, it can compress the gland walls and embarrass breast filling with milk. If you are planning a pregnancy, you should first give birth and feed the child, and then do a breast corrective surgery. In general, it is worth discussing this issue with your doctor, if you plan breastfeeding after the surgery, it can affect its performing.

How does the breast with implants change after childbirth and feeding?

How does the breast with implants behave after delivery? photo 2 Even if mammoplasty has been made before pregnancy, after the completion of the period of feeding, the breast can lose its shape. It is connected with the fact that from the very first days of pregnancy the mammary glands begin to increase. The increase occurs under the influence of hormonal changes and weight changes. When there take place childbirth and the period of feeding comes to an end, the size can return to its original state, but stretched muscles, unfortunately, cannot return to their normal state. As a result, under the weight of silicone, the stretched tissues are deformed and the mammary glands may look unaesthetic. The natural effect of pregnancy on breast tissue in no way affects the state of silicone. It isn't affected by friability or change of the form.

Plastic surgery offers several techniques for eliminating possible shortcomings

One of the most effective techniques is the larger-sized implant matching. It allows to fill the cavities formed after stretching the skin and muscles. But it is worth noting that as a result the mammary glands will become bigger, that women do not always like. If the patient is happy with her breast original size, then another approach to correction is possible. This is mastopexy - a breast lift. This is an aesthetic procedure that involves cutting in the area of the nipple areola and excising excess tissue. Position of the nipple can be also changed in parallel if the second and third stages of ptosis have occurred, when the nipple starts changing its location as a result of the tissue stretching.

If we compare these two methods, then besides the final result, the cicatrixes condition can be different, which subsequently affects the aesthetics. For the silicone implants inserting, the incision can be made in the armpit area, in a fold under the mammary gland. After healing, these areas become completely invisible.

When the mastopexy is carried out, the incision is made around the nipple areola that is more noticeable in comparison with the silicone implant inserting. But such a cicatrix is also not visually accessible and, with proper care, it is completely invisible. Therefore, in case of a patient's desire or such a need, mastopexy can be carried out without loss of aesthetics.

The doctors recommend preferable carrying out breast surgeries after childbirth and the completion of the period of feeding. But if the operation was carried out earlier, it does not cause any harm to the child, and modern methods allow restoring the former beauty to the bust. operation was carried out earlier, it does not cause any harm to the child, and modern methods allow restoring the former beauty to the bust.

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