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The most unusual plastic surgery

The beauty industry, like any other, is adapted to the needs of consumer. Every day new collections of clothes, unusual kinds of cosmetic procedures and care products appear. As for plastic surgery, here wishes of some customer surprise even experienced doctors.

Among Japanese, the famous lovers of all unusual, who believe in chiromancy, the surgical correction of lines on a palm is in demand. But poker players who do not want opponents to see their bluff, use Botox injections to block the work of facial muscles completely. It's no secret that gaps between inner parts of hips have only very slender girls, so some create them with a laser. Lovers of high heels agree to disfigure foot and toes that facilitates their wearing greatly. One of the most amazing operations invented for men can be called rejuvenation of genitals. What is interesting is that many unusual requirements of patients later become a trend and thousands of people try to repeat them.

Eye implants

The most unusual plastic surgery photo 2Implantation of iris implant is a simple procedure that helps to change eye colors. Unlike lenses that require care, it provides a permanent result and does not require any additional effort from a patient. Initially, such operations were carried out for people with defects of iris and with partially or completely absent iris. For correction of such defects, flexible silicone endoprostheses have been developed.

The advantage of such implants is that if the person is annoyed with it they can be easily removed or replaced with similar ones just of a different color. This manipulation takes about 15 minutes and is performed without general anesthesia.

Elven ears

One of the most popular body modifications. Most clinics do not take on this task and the elves and Spock fans have to turn to dubious specialists who work illegally and do not have any licenses. It involves not only disappointments in results, but also cause infections, including incurable ones.

This plastic is carried out this way: a piece of cartilage, located in the middle in the upper part of the ear, is cut out and the rest is simply sewn together so that a point is formed.

Hair transplant into eyelids

The most unusual plastic surgery photo 1Desire to have thick and long eyelashes often leads women to beauty salons, where they can be extended, while independently choosing how they should look like in the end. Such a procedure assumed a permanent correction and looks unnatural, so many people went further and sought help from plastic surgeons.

During the operation hair follicles from head are transplanted to eyelid. All fine and dandy, but there is one significant disadvantage. They need to be cut and twisted constantly, because they grow much faster than ordinary eyelashes.

Snake tongue

Split or tongue bifurcation is another body modification, which is more often carried out at home or in illegal clinics. It is in demand among representatives of some informal subcultures. During this operation the anaesthetic is injected into the tongue and it is simply cut in half approximately to the middle, then both parts are sutured individually. The practical benefit from such a procedure is small.

Voice lift

Clients who are interested in this procedure are mostly persons of riper years. The vocal cords grow old as well as the whole body. Because of this, the timbre of the voice changes, it doesn't sound confident and clear. This could be corrected by a course of injections of collagen fillers or fat of a patient.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For someone the ideal is Merlin Monroe and Johnny Depp and there are those who are delighted with appearance of Marilyn Manson. It is the desire to match the own vision of beauty that often leads people to plastic surgery clinics, where they ask for very specific or frankly strange operations.

In case of excessive perfectionism of own appearance, it is better to turn to a psychologist and not a surgeon, because frequent and unreasonable plastic surgery has led to disastrous consequences more than once.

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