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The specifics of intimate plastics

Specificity of labiaplasty photo 1Plastic surgery among women is of frequent occurrence so few are surprised. Many women at least once thought about breast enlargement, reduction of hips or nose. Of course, not everyone is willing to visit a doctor, but, from year to year, more and more women make a decision to carry out various correction procedures.

Surgeons of plastic surgery clinics offer correction of almost any defects of various parts of body. Many people turn to for help with a desire to look younger and to have a trim figure, there are those for whom such procedures become a salvation from health problems. Operations on removal wrinkles on face and excess fat on body are popular among women.

Specificity of labiaplasty photo 2 So happened that labioplasty is much less common than liposuction and tuck-up surgery, although it helps to get rid of many problems in intimate sphere and overcome complexes associated with it. Often people are shy to speak about such things, preferring to suffer on pain or discomfort. This causes restraint and low self-esteem and in some cases complete rejection of sex.

In most cases, this operation is associated with various aesthetic imperfections of labia. This procedure helps to solve the following problems:

  • asymmetry;
  • deformation;
  • disproportion;
  • skin laxity.

Such plastic surgery on vagina is carried out in case of the following defects:

  • prolapse of the uterus;
  • traumatic injury;
  • weakening of muscles.

Also, this procedure becomes a rescue for women after a difficult child birth. Sometimes scars from ruptures cause serious discomfort and pain, preventing from getting a full pleasure from sexual activity. It also happens that vaginal orifice is stretched significantly and pleasure from sex is reduced for both partners. In both cases, surgical intervention helps to correct the situation completely.

Special aspects of labiaplasty

In principle, surgical correction of genitals is the least traumatic operation for body. It takes relatively little time that allows to avoid negative effect of large doses of anesthesia, which are necessary for long and time-consuming manipulations. Most women can return home in a couple of hours after the procedure and do routine activities the very next day after the procedure, the main thing is to avoid excessive physical activity. If the operation is successful , the stitches are get out in a week and sexual activity can be resumed in 20 to 30 days.

The labioplasty of labia majora and labia minora is carried out taking into account those functions that they perform in body. Conducting it, an experienced doctor keeps the natural temperature, humidity and corrects its size so that it can freely protect vagina from infections. But when carrying out the plastic surgery of vagina a gynecologist should be present that gives additional guarantees of its correctness. The reduction and change in shape of clitoris is carried out with special responsibility and accuracy. This is the area where it is important not to damage the nerve endings, because it is very difficult to correct such a mistake and sometimes it is impossible at all.


It should be mentioned that although the labiaplasty is not one of the complex operations, it should be performed only by a highly qualified doctor who has to understand well the female physiology. The doctor's negligence can end not with a bang but with a whimper: from painful adhesions to complete loss of any sensations in the genital area.

When working with such gentle organs, each movement should be as accurate and weighted as possible. During surgical intervention, it is important not to damage the sensitivity of organs and preserve their functionality. The properly performed manipulations help to get rid of sexual problems and return pleasure in sexual life.

The labioplasty has already changed for the better lives of many women, solving their problems with health and sexual life. This positive experience helps people who have not yet made up their mind to get rid of complexes and prejudices and take the help of professionals

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