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Lipofilling of the lower legs or cruroplasty?

Lipofilling of the lower legs or cruroplasty? Beautiful legs are the dream of any girl. You may add harmonics to the silhouette of the lower legs with the help of modern techniques - lipofilling or cruroplasty. With the help of simple plastic surgery, you can eliminate such defects as X-shaped legs and O-shaped legs. You can achieve classical symmetry by correcting the shape and volume of the legs. Each of the methods is known for its effectiveness. Our article will help you to know which procedure should be chosen so that the result would be guaranteed to be successful?

Advantages of lower legs lipofilling

Lipofilling is deservedly recognized as the most progressive method of correction of appearance. This is a kind of plasty used to form a new volume of the lower legs by means of theautoplastic graft. That is, the insufficient volume is increased by injecting the fat taken from the patient. Provided that the procedure is performed in compliance with all medical protocols by a highly qualified specialist, this method has no disadvantages and demonstrates a number of advantages.

Advantage No. 1 - All materials are natural. Only living cells are used in lipofilling. Fat tissue is taken from one or more donor zones (the buttocks, hips, abdomen, knees or upper arms). Before the operation, the donor zones are examined and the most suitable layer of fat is selected during the examination (selection is performed according to the density and quality of the tissue).

Advantage No. 2 - There is no rejection. Since the cells of one organism are used, the risk of rejection of new cells is excluded. There is no risk of inflammation or allergies as well.

Advantage No. 3 - There are no traces of the procedure. At the end of the postoperative period, there are no visible traces of surgical intervention or scars on the skin. The reason for this is that lipofilling is performed without incisions, but only with the help of injections. The fat is injected through very thin and flexible cannulas. Traces of punctures on the skin heal very quickly and disappear.

Advantage No. 4 includes two aspects. Lipofilling of the lower legs combines two positive effects - removing of unwanted fat and adding of volume to the right place.

Advantages of cruroplasty

Lipofilling of the lower legs or cruroplasty? The second popular option for correcting defects in the calf zone is the application of cruroplasty. The essence of the procedure is that the insufficient volume of the lower legs is supplemented with silicone implants. This is a simple plastic surgery, which has an easy rehabilitation period as well. During the operation, the implant is laid under the calf muscles or on them. The advantages of the procedure include the following:

  • The additional new volume of the lower legs persists for a long time, since silicone implants do not change their location as well as do not decrease or increase in size;
  • The form of the lower legs will not change (the implant consists of a silicone shell and a cohesive gel, that is, when walking, the inserted endoprosthesis completely repeats the anatomical movements of the muscles);
  • An acceptable cost and a lasting effect makes the cruroplasty a very popular procedure;
  • The implants of a new generation differ in the profile thickness and shape, so it is easy to choose the most suitable one;
  • The rough surface of silicone inserts allows to be ideally combined with surrounding tissues and is not causing rejection or inflammation.

Comparison of lower legs lipofilling and cruroplasty:

  1. Lipofilling of the lower legs or cruroplasty? Aspects of techniques. The main difference is that the lower legs are filled with fat taken from the patient's donor area during the lipofilling procedure, and the correction of the shape and volume during cruroplasty is performed by means of silicone implants.
  2. The cost. Since lipofilling combines two types of operations (taking fat and its injection), the cost of such a procedure is much higher compared to cruroplasty. Insert of artificial material will be cheaper also because it does not require frequent correction.
  3. Reliability and duration of the result. If you decide on a plastic procedure performed with the help of injections, then be prepared for the fact that about 70% of new cells will survive. In the future, the shape of the lower legs can be affected by a sharp weight loss, after which it shall be necessary to make a correction. As for the silicone implants, the effect of the cruroplasty will be long-lasting and persistent.
  4. Aesthetic properties. Appearance of the lower legs can be changed using lipofilling or cruroplasty - the aesthetics is not affected by the type of the operation.
  5. Contraindications and complications. Whichever method the patient chooses the contraindications are the same. These include varicose veins, pregnancy and lactation, the presence of diseases of the endocrine system, cancer and autoimmune deceases. Complications after lipofilling include resorption of adipose tissue (due to smoking, which causes oxygen deficiency in the tissues), and the ones present after cruroplasty include a strong inflammatory process with the rejection of a foreign body (due to a surgeon's violation of the operation protocol or individual characteristics of the patient's body).
  6. Rehabilitation. The recovery period after the injection of fat lasts 2-3 days of hospital stay, wearing of the compression underwear during the first month and excluding heels, visiting of the solarium, sauna as well as sports. You can stand in 2 hours after the cruroplasty. The pains in the lower leg go away during the first week. The aesthetic result is noticeable in 4-5 weeks, when all the inflammatory processes have already ended. The beginning of sports is recommended by the surgeon on an individual basis.

What method should be chosen for the correction of the lower legs shape?

The choice of the technique (injections or implants) is a decision that the patient can take on the basis of the recommendations of a plastic surgeon obtained during an individual consultation. This way you will learn the details of the carrying out the cruroplasty and lipofilling of the lower legs, as well as performing the liposuction of the abdomen and waist. Therefore, it is better to have not only your own preferences, but the reasoned opinion of a specialist as well.

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