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Cold during rehabilitation after rhinoplasty

Cold during rehabilitation after rhinoplasty Today it is easy to increase the level of self-esteem, get a more attractive face or eliminate visual defects - it is enough to change the shape of the nose surgically. One of the most popular types of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. For example, the removal of a crook in the nose may be performed or a form of the tip of the nose may be corrected. Elimination of defects can be complemented with injections of hyaluronic acid.

The successful outcome of a plastic surgery depends on many factors. For example, how much will the sudden cold harm the final form of the nose? This issue worries a lot of patients, because rhinoplasty is most often carried out in the autumn-winter period - the season of colds. It is better to know what to do in advance if there are unpleasant symptoms during the recovery from surgery. After all, the usual movements (sneezing, blowing, coughing) can damage the seam, increase swelling, or the contours will shift.

What if I get cold after rhinoplasty?

Cold during rehabilitation after rhinoplasty The main symptom of any cold is nasal congestion caused by increased mucus secretion and swelling of internal tissues. During recovery after rhinoplasty, it is recommended to wash the nasal passages gently with normal saline (simple salt solution) and take an antihistamine drug that reduces swelling. You should breathe with be clean, cold and moist air.

What cannot be done?

The following is forbidden in order not to get a rupture of internal seams, deformation of nostrils, wings and the entire nose during a cold after rhinoplasty:

  • sharply blow your nose,
  • squeeze the nostrils,
  • sneeze with a closed mouth,
  • clamp the tip of the nose.

Cold during rehabilitation after rhinoplasty When blowing, the air is pressurized inside the nose. This can lead to tissue rupture and cartilage displacement. If the patient will compress and squeeze the tip or nostrils after the rhinoplasty during the cold, then the undesirable deformations may occur. Due to the vascular displacement, the blood circulation in the tissues worsens and the healing process will be slow. Therefore, any touch should be light and weak.

Each patient receives individual recommendations that will help to avoid negative consequences for the entire period of rehabilitation and the case of colds. In case you follow the simple rules, you will be able avoid additional swelling as well as deformations of the joints and the final form of the nose.

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