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Ear surgery: 5 issues of concern that are actual before the operation

Ear surgery:  5 issues of concern that are actual before the operation Otoplasty is one of the simplest and most common types of plastic surgery. The result of this operation is the correction of the auricle that is performed in order to correct the anatomical shape of the ear or to eliminate the consequences of trauma.

According to the type of the procedure, the otoplasty is divided into:

  • aesthetic otoplasty (correction of form);
  • reconstructive otoplasty (the reconstruction of the part or the entire volume of the auricle);
  • decorative otoplasty (for example, elven ears).

It is important to remember that everted ears are not a mandatory indicator for carrying out the plasty. This decision remains with the patient - the operation may be performed in order to create a more attractive appearance and raise self-esteem.

There are many myths around this procedure. After all, hearing is one of the vital feelings. Any intervention performed in this area is alarming. In order to discard all nonessential fears, we will answer the 5 most exciting questions that concern patients before otoplasty.

Does the otoplasty affect hearing?

Ear surgery:  5 issues of concern that are actual before the operation It does not affect hearing definitely. The hearing system consists of three sections: internal, middle and external section. Otoplasty of any type affects only the auricle, which is responsible for the reception of sound waves. The internal ear is not affected in any way during surgery. That means that only the anatomical shape of the ear cartilage covered with the skin is being changed and sometimes the lobe (the layer of adipose tissue) is being changed as well. In this case, neither the tympanic membrane nor the auditory passage is not affected. So this procedure does not affect the quality of hearing.

How does the rehabilitation after ear correction pass?

The rehabilitation period is very short after otoplasty. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient can leave the clinic in 1-2 hours. The swelling and inflammation in the tissues disappear completely after 14 days. The visible result appears at once - the person acquires new attractive features and proportionality.

What are the risks of otoplasty and are there any at all?

Ear surgery:  5 issues of concern that are actual before the operation An experienced highly skilled specialist performs correction perfectly safe for the patient. But the final result and health of the operated ear area is also influenced by the behavior of the patient during the rehabilitation period. If you follow the recommendations of a surgeon (wear a bandage and observe a recreation regime), then the swelling will come off, the tissues will heal quickly, and a new shape of the ears will be perfect.

Will the scars remain after the plasty of the ear?

There will be no visible seams and scars after the end of the rehabilitation period. Over time, even the shade of the skin will be leveled without additional intervention. Modern otoplasty is performed with the help of a special surgical thread, which dissolves on its own very quickly. The appearance of the ear will be exceptionally aesthetic after performing any type of plasty of the auricle, lobe or contour of the shell.

Is it possible to correct the shape of the ear of the child?

The world practice of otoplasty performs the correction in children from the age of 6 when the auricle is fully formed. It is less risky to conduct the procedure for adolescents. But the best option is to wait until adulthood, when a person can independently make a decision.

Any of the indicated questions are of concern only before the operation. In case of compliance with all the indications and appointments of the surgeon, the result will be fine - the quality of the hearing will not change, there will be no scarring, and the form will become desirable.

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