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Obesity and liposuction

Obesity and liposuction photo 1Overweight and obesity is one of the most dangerous and common problems of the current generation. They lead to diabetes, failure of internal organs and many other medical problems that significantly shorten the life time. There are many methods to deal with excessive kilograms, but almost all of them require considerable effort to achieve results. Unfortunately, most people with excessive weight do not want to go the hard way and choose questionable procedures and food supplements. In some cases, when desire to lose weight exists and a person doesn't want to do anything for this, he is bend on surgery.


For some reason, it is widely accepted that liposuction is a magic procedure that helps get rid of obesity, but this is completely wrong. It is aimed at removing fat only in a particular area. So, removing excess fat on a belly, it is important to understand that other parts of the body do not decrease in any way, as well as other problems associated with excess weight do not disappear.

The liposuction is by no means easy. Even before the operation, it is necessary to make examination of a patient and determine how much fatty tissue can be removed at a time. During surgery, at first the drugs that thinning the fat are introduced. Then the incisions are made and special devices, cannulas with tubes attached, connected to the aspirator, are inserted into the incisions. The doctor moves them under the skin, removing the fat. A special shape of the cannula makes them absolutely safe for muscles and nerves. After completion of all manipulations, the incisions are sewn up, while installing drains.

Obesity and liposuction photo 2To form the desired figure, you need to wear corrective underwear for 20-25 days after the surgery. The final result of this procedure is not visible immediately, but only after several months later.

When the liposuction has no effect

Those who hope to receive an incredible effect from this operation, willing to wake up completely a new person after anesthesia, will meet several serious disappointments:

  • the weight will not change essentially, on average doctors recommend to remove no more than three liters of fat at a time;
  • the metabolic process is altered and the body tries to restore the lost reserves in every possible way, so you have to be careful with nutrition;
  • there will not be any significant changes in appearance, only one part of the body will change;
  • stretch marks, cellulite and various problems with skin will remain, they will have to be solved by a cosmetologist;
  • visceral adiposopathy of liver, heart and other organs remains;
  • problems caused by excess weight, for example, increase in arterial pressure and blood sugar level, will not also disappear.

Most people do not take into account the specifics of this operation and therefore remain dissatisfied with it. First of all, it is worth understanding that liposuction is good for people with localized defects of figure. It is successfully used for patients who have gone a long way to lose weight with help of nutrition experts, psychologists and fitness nstructors, but cannot get rid of fat in a certain part of body. That's the way the body is, some of its parts cannot lose weight easily even with help of heavy sport exercises. Women have such problems with inner and outer part of hips, knees and for men, it is most difficult to get rid of fat on belly.

To get rid of fat on the entire body, but not in one part, you need to have a huge capital and not to be afraid of complications caused by a variety of surgical interventions. But even this does not guarantee a good figure, because the body subjected to this stress will try to restore fat deposits that often leads to more weight than before operation.

Of course, everyone is free to decide whether he needs such a procedure on fat removal, but first it is better to try to get rid of obesity naturally and only after that to carry out surgical correction of problem areas.

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