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A full-scale monograph written by Ilya Slusarev called "Facelifting" has been published

Ilya Slusarev called 'Facelifting'

Slusarev Ilya Yurevich, the candidate of medical sciences, wrote and published the full-scale monograph called "Facelifting", which is the first document of such type in the post-Soviet space; it came to life as a result of 25 years of experience in plastic surgery in the capacity of a leading surgeon of the "Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery" medical center. It describes all of the advanced techniques of facial plastics, which the author uses in his daily practice by himself.

Particular attention is paid to individual surgical plan regarding different face anatomical aspects, prolongation of the achieved results and reduction of the operational risks.

For specialists from Russia:
Monograph can be purchased at the following address: Russia, 121099, Moscow, Novy Arbat str., 34, office 501, "Klovermed" Company, refer to the sales manager Zinovieva Galina.
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Material prepared by
specialists of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery

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Nowadays, the surgery to eliminate the negative age-related changes of the face and neck are one of the most high-demanded. The competition for attractive appearance is becoming more widespread in the life of urban society. A young and beautiful look is one of the most important components of success in life.
Beauty is a great power. However, with age, maintaining it is becoming increasingly difficult. It is all because of aging, which is causing irreversible changes in the skin, muscle and adipose tissue. And no matter what the women would do, no matter what cosmetics they use, but it is almost impossible to mask the sagging skin, wrinkles and angular cheekbones.
The facelifting is a type of cosmetic surgery, which tightens facial skin, neck, eliminates excess skin and fat tissue; the activities which result in the fiber facial tissues acquire elasticity are being performed as well. The procedure passes under general anesthesia, it is similar to other plasty procedures (breast enlargement, improvement of nose shape); it takes from one and half hours to four hours. All hospitalization takes only one day, bandages are removed after 4-6 days, the recovery process usually takes 1-2 weeks and moderate physical strain is permitted after one month.
"Clinic of plastic and cosmetic surgery" medical center provided all possible medical assistance to residents of mountainous villages Chulab-pur, which is located at a height of 2 thousand meters above the sea level, the mountain array of Karakorum, Pakistan, together with the "Vertical Explorer" Company, Islamabad city, within the humanity mission.
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