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Breast augmentation: Is it necessary to change the implants?

Breast augmentation: Is it necessary to change the implants? The perfect body is the dream of many women, and it can be accomplished by plastic surgery. The most demanded procedures are the breast augmentation and gluteoplasty, allowing to create a pleasant roundness in the spots where they are needed.

The mammoplasty with the use of silicone implants is of greatest interest. However, despite the significant improvement of prosthetic devices and the resulting outcome of surgery, in some cases women may need to restore the contours of the breast and replace old implants with new ones. Most often, the repeated operation is required in the following cases:

  • Capsular contracture;
  • Infectious processes;
  • Displacement;
  • Breaks of implants;
  • Descending, etc.

Mammary fibrosis or capsular contracture

A frequent complication leading to the need for surgical correction after breast augmentation is the result of isolation of a foreign body by connective-tissue formations. When the tissue is sealed, the woman has a feeling of discomfort or pressure and a change in breast shape or development of the asymmetry of mammary glands are possible as well.

The complication occurs during the first year after the operation and rarely occurs in the future. In case of small fibrous caps, the fibrous tissue is cut in order to release the implant and restore the natural shape of the bust. If the fibrous cap is a pronounced one and the woman experiences severe discomfort, the fibrous capsule is removed completely with the removal of the old implant and the installation of the new one.

The main method used for the prevention of mammary fibrosis is the clear implementation of all the recommendations of the surgeon during the rehabilitation period. In case of detection of a seal and occurrence of pain sensations, it is necessary to see the doctor immediately in order to prevent further complications.

Break of the prosthetic device and leakage of gel

Modern technologies used for manufacturing of silicone implants minimized the risk of implant damage and leakage of content. However, in case of a strong mechanical impact (such as a knife wound), it is almost impossible to avoid the flow of the gel.

If the prosthesis is suspected of rupture, you should immediately contact the surgeon to remove and replace the silicone implant. Signs of damage are shown in feelings of pain or changes in the shape of mammary glands.

Other reasons for replacement of implants

Other complications resulting in the need to re-conduct breast surgery are presented below:

  • Development of inflammatory or infectious process occurring within a month after the mammoplasty;
  • Long-time surgical intervention with the installation of fragile, heavy prosthetic devices;
  • Physiological changes in the body (loss of skin elasticity in the process of aging, which is leading to sagging and loss of attractive breast outlook);
  • Significant weight changes;
  • Loss of form, volume, appearance of expressed asymmetry after pregnancy or ending of breastfeeding.

Breast augmentation: Is it necessary to change the implants? In each of these cases it is possible to restore beautiful outlines of a bust by conducting a surgical correction with extraction and replacement of old implants.

When is it not possible to perform breast surgery?

In some cases, surgical intervention may pose a risk to a woman's health. Operation is prohibited in the following cases:

  • Tumors in the breast. After full cure of the disease, it is possible to restore the normal outlook of mammary glands with silicone implants;
  • Pregnancy. Stress of the woman's body that occurs while performing mammoplasty may pose a threat to the child's health;
  • Lactation. Correction of breast glands during this period not only harms the woman's health, but also leads to distortion of results after the end of the lactation period;
  • Exacerbation of chronic disease or immunodeficiency states, which increase the risk of complications.

If the contraindications are present, you can refer to alternative methods of changing the shape of the body.

Recovering from mammoplasty

After any surgical intervention, the body needs time to recover. After the first breast augmentation surgery, rehabilitation takes a long period of time and requires constant supervision of the attending physician.

Removing and replacing old silicone implants with new ones is less painful, but it also requires a clear adherence to the medical regulations during the recovery period. When placing the implant in the formed bed, only short-term edema and small hematomas arise. However, when you change the location of the prosthesis, the body needs more time to adapt.

In any case, following the recommendations of the surgeon will help to restore the health after the plastics and enjoy the perfect contours of the renewed breasts.

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