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Contour plasty: lipofilling or fillers?

Contour plasty: lipofilling or fillers? Is it possible to turn time backwards? It may seem too many that the answer to this question is obvious. In fact, when it comes to women's beauty, everything is possible. In fact, modern methods and preparations allow to return youth and attractiveness in a few minutes.

What is the essence of contour plasty?

Contour plasty of the face is a reliable method of combating age-related changes. The procedure consists in introduction of intradermal injections and is directed not only on smoothing of wrinkles, but also on correction of contours and even is used as one of methods used for injection increase of the lips. The main advantage of the method is the possibility of correction of individual areas.

Contour plasty has the following advantages:

  • The session passes quickly (30-60 minutes) and painlessly;
  • The patient can return to normal life immediately after the procedure is completed;
  • There is no rehabilitation period, traces and scars;
  • Rejuvenation;
  • High level of efficiency;
  • Ability to correct the result.

It is possible to define the contraindications to carrying out of the procedure:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Violations of the blood clotting;
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Intolerance of individual components of the drug.

Today, the two methods acquired special popularity in the field of aesthetic medicine: Lipofilling of the face and usage of fillers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?

Pros and cons of lipofilling

Body fat cells act as natural filler for soft tissues, which is able to merge with surrounding cells, while improving and revitalizing these cells. Lipofilling is a procedure that allows a person to transfer fat from one part of the body to another one. For this purpose it is enough for the patient to have a reserve in donor zones (on a lateral surface of the hips and on the abdomen).

The procedure is especially popular in the following cases:

  • Wrong form of cheeks, nose, cheekbones, lips;
  • Expressed asymmetry;
  • Nasolabial folds, nasolachrymal furrows, deep wrinkles;
  • Sagging contours;
  • The curvature of the shins.

Contour plasty: lipofilling or fillers? The main advantage of the technique is that the filler is the patient's own fat. The disadvantages include the probability of not absolute result occurring after the first session. Sometimes, only 50% of cells take root, so the effect may not meet the expectations of the client and the process will have to be repeated again.

Despite this, it is possible to highlight the undeniable advantages of this technique:

  • There is no risk of allergic reaction;
  • High level of cell compatibility;
  • Constant result;
  • The ability to adjust not only the face, but also other areas, for example, performs lipofilling of the buttocks and hips;
  • Possibility of correction by introduction of additional volumes.

Pros and cons of fillers

Fillers are dermal fillers used in injection cosmetology to reduce the depth of nasolabial folds or wrinkles, as well as to give additional volume in separate areas (lips, cheeks, cheekbones). They can be based on calcium, polylactic acid or collagen as well as come in the form of the hyaluronic acid injections.

Advantages of fillers:

  • The composition of the drug improves the condition of the skin;
  • Low risk of complications;
  • The process takes not much time;
  • The fillers do not injure tissues;
  • The use of hyaluronic acid allows to achieve a rejuvenating effect;
  • If desired, the filler can be removed;
  • The drug is excreted from the body by himself.

The scope of the filler's application is similar to the application of lipofilling: correction of the outlook, smoothing of the wrinkles, alignment of the relief and improvement of facial contours.

What should be selected?

When comparing lipofilling procedures and various fillers, the following can be highlighted:





Fat is only a filler.

Preparations with hyaluronic acid improve the condition of the skin.

Effect stability

A constant result is possible

Resolves in a year

Side effects of the filler

Absolutely safety

Rejection by the body and allergic reaction are possible


It is lower due to the constant result from one session

It is higher due to the need to repeat the procedure

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