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Breast augmentation before or after childbirth: we are going to answer your questions

Breast augmentation before or after childbirth:  we are going to answer your questions Thousands of women of all ages are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts. There is a lot of women that are disappointed with their own forms among the new moms, because the lower part of the abdomen begins to protrude gracelessly after childbirth, and elastic girlish bust often loses volume and hangs down. It is not always possible to solve this problem with the help of physical exercises and prevention methods. Then the mammoplasty steps into the breach. "Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery" is ready to answer the most frequently asked questions to dispel all your doubts.

When should the breast augmentation be performed: before or after childbirth?

There are no restrictions for inserting implants before the childbirth. But the majority of experts agree that the operation should better be postponed after the birth of the child in order to achieve a stable desired result. By doing so, you will not have to do the correction of the bust shape after the increasing and subsequent weight loss.

Is it necessary to replace the implants and how long do they serve?

Modern quality implants will be able to serve the whole life without the need for replacement. The need for repeated mammoplasty can occur due to the loss of breast shape because of weight change (over 10 kg) or reduced springiness and elasticity of the skin on the background of age-related changes. The reason for the replacement of implants for the larger ones in such cases is only the desire of the patient.

May the silicone breasts be used for breastfeeding?

Breast augmentation before or after childbirth:  we are going to answer your questions Breast augmentation does not serve as an obstacle to natural feeding while maintaining the normal state of the thoracic ducts. An important role in this is played by the access used to place the implants. Women who plan to breastfeed in the future are subject to mammoplasty performed with inframammary or underarm access, which does not interfere with the free movement of milk from the glands to the nipples.

How long is it necessary to wait after childbirth before performing breast surgery?

The stabilization of weight and skin condition is crucial in terms of achieving a permanent result of mammoplasty. Therefore it is necessary to consider not the childbirth, but ending of breastfeeding. The woman should come to the first consultation with the surgeon in not earlier than 5-6 months after the end of lactation. In addition, it is necessary to assess the need to correct the shape of areola after the ending of the breastfeeding.

Can the implants cause cancer?

Dozens of independent studies conducted by reputable world organizations, including the American "Food and Drug Administration (FDA)" have shown that breast augmentation does not affect the likelihood of oncology disease. Annual postoperative examinations of specialists will help to identify the development of oncology in the early stages, what increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome of treatment.

How long does the rehabilitation after the plasty last?

Breast augmentation before or after childbirth:  we are going to answer your questions The mammoplasty is a fairly serious operation, after which the female body needs time to recover. In the period of 15-20 days after the changing of the bust form it is necessary to abandon any physical exertion, even raising the child. It is possible to return to the normal rhythm of life after the increasing of the bust only in a month or in a month and a half and before that woman will need help and support from the family.

On whom breast surgery can’t be done?

In some cases, breast augmentation becomes impossible. Contraindications for the operation include the presence of tumors, intolerance of anesthesia and chronic infectious diseases. Also, if there is a husband it is necessary to consider his opinion regarding the intentions of the wife. The recovery period will be quick and comfortable only in case of the full consent, and the woman will be able to truly rejoice regarding the updated forms.

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