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The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC)

The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC) The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC) is a grand scientific event that, on June 1-2, 2018, gathered together the best practitioners from around the world in the capital of Ukraine.

High professionalism and the very scientific approach – these are the main features inherent with this congress, as the local specialists practicing in the field of aesthetic medicine, within the framework of the congress had a unique opportunity to gain experience of their colleagues-speakers from other countries, who, by the way, have shown no less interest in the achievements of our domestic specialists. It is especially agreeably to note the great interest of Giovanni Botti – the "legend" of world plastic surgery - in the monograph "Face-lifting" of the famous Ukrainian plastic surgeon Ilya Yuryevich Slyusarev.

This event gathered together a large number of domestic and foreign specialists of the esthetic medicine, international speakers and researchers who sincerely shared their knowledge, experience and practical achievements among themselves.

Recently, the aesthetic medicine, in particular plastic surgery, has been developing rapidly in Ukraine, and congresses of such level have very positive consequences.

The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC) The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC) The International Medical Aestetic Synergy Congress (MASC)

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