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Mammoplasty: when will the implants go down?

Mammoplasty: when will the implants go down? Striving for perfect shapes is natural for any woman. When the natural forms do not satisfy the woman, and physical exercises, cosmetology procedures and other methods are ineffective, the mammoplasty, liposuction and other achievements of plastic surgery come for assistance.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries, which allows to give the desired volume to the bust and give self-confidence to the woman. Quite often immediately after the procedure the implants are located above the natural level. This unpleasant temporary effect usually occurs after submuscle placement of silicone implants. The bust will occupy its place by the end of the postoperative period. Usually the return of the breast to the normal position takes from four months to half a year. During this time the pectoral muscles relax, the implant descends, the lower part of the mammary gland gets natural roundness, and the upper pole loses unnatural completeness.

Asynchronous descending of the implants

Mammoplasty: when will the implants go down? It is quite unpleasant for a woman to find out that she looks asymmetrically after breast augmentation, as one of the implants is positioned above the other one. This is caused by a slower descending of the silicone implant located at the dominant side. This is observed because of the more pronounced volume of pectoral muscles on the corresponding side of the left- and right-handed persons. The problem goes away naturally during the first few months of the postoperative period.

Unnatural placing of a bust and superfluous volume become more noticeable because of the edema after operation, which especially manifests itself in case of submuscle placement of an implant by the surgeon.

When will the implants go down?

The implants require some time to occupy their places after the operation. The breast looks especially high and full during the peak of swelling in the first 2-3 weeks of postoperative period. Although the swelling gradually decreases in a term of one and a half and up to three months and the mammary gland looks more symmetrical and natural.

How can the process be accelerated?

Mammoplasty: when will the implants go down? In order for the implants to go down to their original position as quickly as possible, the surgeons recommend relaxing massages and exercises. Easy pushing the pectoral muscle along the implant boundaries is especially useful, but be careful not to shift the silicone implant. You may perform massaging moves three or four times a day during the first month of rehabilitation.

Compression underwear enables engraftment of implants in the right position that contributes to fast normalization of blood circulation and elimination of swelling.

The compression underwear promotes descending of the bust by means of the two clasps. One of them is located under the breast, and the second one is located above it. The top clasp can be moved onto the back to reduce the pressure on the silicone implant.

It is worth forgetting about the bras with push-up or hard bones for the whole rehabilitation period, since they interfere with the normal healing of seams and lowering the breast to its place.

Only when you follow all the recommendations of the surgeon you will be able to assess the effect of lifting and breast augmentation in the shortest possible time.

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