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How are dimpleds on the cheeks made?

How are dimpleds on the cheeks made? Nationwide favorites, such as Lisa Boyarsky, Aishwarya Rai and Kate Middleton are happy owners not only of the beauty, fame and star status, but also of one more amazing aspect - they have dimpleds on the cheeks. They give special youthful enthusiasm, sincerity and charm to a smile. They are called "Mark of Happiness" not accidentally.

Not every one of us is gifted with the dimpleds on the cheeks by nature. And some people so much want to have to this charm, that all means known to mankind are used: from makeup to plastic surgery. But what is the secret of their appearance and why not everyone is so lucky?

How do dimpleds arise?

Many may be surprised, but from a medical point of view the so-called "Mark of Happiness" is only a hereditary genetic defect. Its peculiarity is as follows:

  1. The cheekbone muscle, which has a V-shape, is responsible for forming a smile and controlling the movement of the mouth corners. The abnormal behavior of one of the muscle beams, which is observed at about 25% of the population, leads to its soldering to the dermis of the cheeks. Accordingly, the regular movement of facial muscles leads to the fact that this area is drawn inward, creating the corresponding deepenings.
  2. The dimpleds on cheeks of the babies are especially expressed because of subcutaneous fat which raises their surrounding surface. Over the years, the adipose tissue gets thinner and "Marks of Happiness" become almost invisible or absolutely smoothed.
  3. It should be noted that these deepenings are referred to the dominant traits in genetics. Therefore, if at least one of the parents has it, then the probability that it will be transmitted to children is very high.
  4. Natural dimpleds can be arranged in the arbitrary manner. If you have decided to turn to the plastic surgeon for the purpose of their artificial creation, any configuration can be chosen according to your wishes.

Why do people like dimpleds on cheeks?

How are dimpleds on the cheeks made? Dimpleds on cheeks always give a person appearance of playfulness, romance and even some childish spontaneity. In addition, many men like girls with such a sincere smile, appealingness and feminine appeal, which are automatically being provided by "Marks of Happiness". Moreover, their owners are considered to be happy.

Surgical solution - dimplectomy

According to statistics, only 1 out of 4 people has deepening on the face. Therefore, others wishing to get them do not have any choice but to do a small operation - dimplectomy.

About the procedure

You can discuss all the details of the upcoming operation during the consultation with the plastic surgeon: the configuration, size, depth, shape and desired effect. The procedure is absolutely universal. It is suitable for everyone regardless of the thickness of the fat layer, type of the face and skin condition. However, it should not be forgotten that the operation has irreversible consequences. As a result, you will not be able to completely get rid of the deepenings, it is only possible to reduce their depth slightly, but this will require a second operation.

How's the operation being made?

Dimplectomy is executed as follows:

  1. The surgeon marks the place on the cheek where the dimpled will be created.
  2. Local anesthesia is carried out.
  3. A little incision on the mucous membrane is made on the inside of the cheek.
  4. The doctor removes the fatty lumps in this place (the method is similar to the process of resection of the cheek fatty body).
  5. Then soft tissues of the operated area are pulled together with the help of surgical suture, what leads to the appearance of the deepenings.

How are dimpleds on the cheeks made? The operation will take not more than an hour. Despite the slight swelling in the cheek area, the patient can go home immediately.


Dimpleds on the cheeks appear immediately after the surgical intervention. In 1 month the surgical sutures will be dissolved and the dimpleds will appear only with a smile or a lively facial gesture. It is easy to remove possible painful sensations with the help of the analgesic drug appointed by the plastic surgeon. The stay in the hospital is not required similar to the case of contour plastic.


  • It is necessary to use antibacterial solutions for oral rinsing regularly;
  • It is forbidden to eat solid food during the first 2-4 days after dimplectomy.

Alternative methods

As some Internet resources claim, there are ways to make cute dimpleds on cheeks without dimplectomy. The most popular methods are:

  • Makeup. A short-term effect is quite possible to get with the help of cosmetics. However, it is necessary to take into account that you need to have sufficient experience of applying makeup, otherwise, your efforts can lead to the effect of dirt on your face. And do not forget that this method is appropriate only for a photo session, but not for everyday life.
  • Exercises. Some persons state that regular training of the facial muscles will lead to the appearance of deepenings on the cheeks. As we have already found out, they are formed for absolutely different reasons. However, exercises for facial muscles will be good for anyone in any case.
  • Piercing of the cheeks. This is quite an affordable way. However, do not forget that the earring on the face is not suitable for everyone. According to the recommendations of Internet users, the earring should be removed in a few months, and the connective tissue that occurred on the skin at the puncture site will create the illusion of dimpleds. Don't forget that it will always be visible, even without a smile. In addition, a keloid scar may appear at the site of the piercing.

So it is better to try dimpleds made with the help of make-up before deciding on drastic measures. If it turns out that they really suite you, then it is necessary to address to the highly skilled experts at once and perform dimplectomy and do not risk with own appearance by experimenting with the methods which efficiency is not proved by medicine. After all, it is the quality of the doctor's work that the result of any operation depends on: from dimplectomy to the cheek lifting and breast augmentation.

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