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Should I be afraid of scars after the facioplasty?

Should I be afraid of scars after the facioplasty? Surgical lifting has long been considered the most effective way to rejuvenate, allowing you to get rid of wrinkles, to return the face clear beautiful contours. But not a single operation is complete without cuts, stitches, and therefore without scars. One of the main tasks that the surgeon faces during the intervention is the need to make the scars as invisible after healing as possible.

Where do surgeons do the cuts during facelift?

The location of the cuts plays a decisive role and depends on the type of lifting. With the classical circular face and neck lift, which does not capture the frontal part, the incision begins in the scalp at the temple, passes in front of the hircus, bends around the earlobe, and then goes to the occipital region behind the ear fold.

The incision behind the hircus is not used, because the different thickness of the skin of the ear and cheek, and the increasing load on this area can lead to deformation of the ears.

When performing SMAS lifting, which corrects not only the condition of the skin, but also the relief of the face due to the movement of muscles, the suture continues from the temporal region, connecting in the hair above the forehead. In this case, it is better that it does not pass along the hairline, but 5 cm higher.

Cheek lift is a combination of blepharoplasty with endoscopic face lift, which allows to give perfect contours to cheekbones, cheeks, to smooth nasolabial furrows, to make expressive look. During cheek lift, a plastic surgeon makes small incisions under the eyelash growth line of the lower eyelid, which are hidden by them during healing.

The size of the sutures during a lifting directly depends on the anatomical structure of the patient's skull, the amount of tissues that must be removed. With an insufficient length of cuts, it is impossible to dissect with high quality excess tissue of the skin and excess fatty tissue, in order to achieve ideal contours of the chin and neck.

Why do sutures remain invisible?

Should I be afraid of scars after the facioplasty? The following things help to make scars after lifting invisible:

  • the location of the cuts;
  • suturing technique;
  • high-quality suture materials.

Cuts located in the scalp become unobtrusive after a few days when the edema subsides. But ideally, the signs of a brace on the scalp can be hidden by their arched shape at the temples and on the forehead. Thus, there is no unnatural hair part, and the traces of plastic surgery cleverly hide by hair.

Wound suturing technique is also important, which involves the use of different types of stitches and different suture material thickness for each skin area after lifting.

Surgeons are especially attentive to closing the edges of cuts in front of the ear, in an open area of ​​the face skin. An invisible intracutaneous suture is used here, which prevents overloading of the tissues and prevents their deformation. This allows to make the scar as thin and inconspicuous as possible.

For the scalp, it is important to maintain the integrity of the hair follicles, which does not allow the use of a secret suture inside the skin. And when working with the suture behind the ear, it is necessary to take into account the increased load on this area during rehabilitation.

How to care for sutures properly after a face lift?

Should I be afraid of scars after the facioplasty? Proper care after plastic surgery is also important for maintaining of the optimal lift effect and for achievement of invisibility of scars. The main feature of surgical lifting is the gradual removal of suture material from the open and hidden areas of the face at a strictly specified time.

Instead of stitches, special surgical braces preventing scar expansion and hypertrophy of scar tissue are installed. So the recovery is as fast as possible and without complications, and the scar becomes completely invisible contrasted with the skin.

An important task after the plasty falls on the patient. A particularly prominent role in wound healing is played by personal hygiene. In order to prevent inflammation in the area of ​​the sutures, to release them from the crusts, you should start washing your hair in 3-4 days after surgery. He confines himself to the using of the most natural hygienic soap free of fragrances.

Until the scars have turned pale and smoothed, they can be hidden with the help of skillfully applied make-up or properly styled hair. For the period of recovery from plastic surgery, it is better to give up bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol), because this leads to difficulty in healing and the possibility of scar correction. After healing, a light massage of the skin can smooth the scars more quickly, the doctor will show you the technique.

Since the operation is quite traumatic, the patient will have to wear a bandage during the first week after it. In the first month of the rehabilitation period, the patient must use an elastic bandage to hold the displaced facial tissues in the necessary position.

After that, the surgeon may schedule a visit to physiotherapy procedures, so that within six months there will not be any memory of the lifting.

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