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Intimate plastic: whim or necessity?

Intimate plastic: whim or necessity? Despite its popularity, intimate plasticity still causes many disputes and gossips around it. Some people are confused by the possibility of surgical reshaping of the genital organs, some people call this procedure "charlatanism" or "pumping out money" with contempt, and someone sees the operation as the only way to improve sexual life and get rid of the complexes about the unattractiveness of the genitals. So do women need intimate plastic surgery or problems exist only in the woman's head?

The presence of the problem: reality or fiction?

Today, most women are embarrassed to admit presence of intimate problems and have been overlooking them for years. Part of the catch is upbringing. There was no sex in the Soviet Union - and silencing of issues relating to the sexual sphere has become an established norm, which is not so easy to eradicate.

Many women have very doubtful feelings during sex, quickly lose interest in sexual life and condemn themselves to loneliness at a young age. In most cases intimacy troubles begin after childbirth or when approaching menopause:

  • compression of ganglions from the seams;
  • dryness of the vagina and its loss of elasticity;
  • decrease in sensitivity, feeling that is too wide in the vagina due to overstretching of the walls and divergence of the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Medical care may be necessary to resolve these issues, as problems that are negligeable at first may result in urinary incontinence or prolapse of the uterus in case of careless attitude.

The behavior of women in sex, their looseness and the ability to get pleasure are also affected by satisfaction with the shape, size and volume of the labia. If the girl is experiencing severe psychological discomfort due to the insufficiently attractive type of intimate organs, the plastic surgery will help to cope with the problem, although it will take some time for the postoperative recovery.

What do you need to know about intimate plastic surgery?

Intimate plastic: whim or necessity? Intimate plastic surgery includes a whole range of operations that allow to eliminate physiological or aesthetic problems in the genital area. Such procedures include the following:

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that involves reducing of the vagina, removing postpartum scars, and increasing of the elasticity of the walls. The operation allows to eliminate the feeling of a "wide" vagina, reduce the risk of uterus prolapse, urinary incontinence and return sensitivity during sex. Tightening with ligature sutures is used when it is necessary to narrow down or close the "dehiscent" vagina.

Women who decide to restore virginity resort to hymenoplasty.

The procedure is carried out for the sake of religious or moral beliefs or as a surprise to a loved one.

Labioplasty involves surgery used to change the shape and volume of the labia minora. In most cases, this type of plastic surgery is performed due to aesthetic motives. But in some cases, lengthening of the labia can cause physical discomfort during sex and promote the reproduction of pathogenic microflora, therefore labioplasty becomes a forced solution. Some women want not to reduce, but to increase the volume of small labia. To do this, it is possible to use your own fatty tissue or authorized fillers.

After an intimate plastic surgery, the woman's body needs time to recover. After some operations (for example, uplifting with ligature sutures or hymenoplasty), rehabilitation takes a short time. More serious interventions require more time for healing and impose restrictions onto the intimate sphere of life.

Intimate plastic: whim or necessity? After changing the shape of the labia, the restoration takes about a month. The soreness may be felt in the area of ​​surgical correction during the first time. Complying with the norms of hygiene is especially important during rehabilitation:

  • regular treatment of sutures with potassium permanganate after going to the toilet;
  • providing air access for better wound healing;
  • maintaining dryness.

During the healing period, it is recommended to limit physical exertion and refuse to have sex. But you can evaluate the new form of female organs immediately after the edema subsides.

Alternatives to surgical intimate plastic surgery

The woman does not need always to decide on surgical intervention in order to solve intimate problems. Some issues may be resolved by the following methods:

Contour plasty is useful if you want to change the shape of the genitals, and if you want to increase the G point. The latter is a collection of nerve endings, the sensitivity of which increases after injection of the drug based on hyaluronic acid. In addition, the injection of fillers into the clitoris area will help achieve a clitoral orgasm, increasing the woman's susceptibility to stimulation.

The introduction of platelet-rich plasma into the vagina helps to eliminate dryness that occurs with age, returns the elasticity and promotes external rejuvenation of the genitals.

Laser procedures can stimulate the production of collagen, contributing to the improvement of elasticity and normalization of moisture.

Do not be ashamed of your problems! Intimate plastic surgery will help you get rid of the complexes and once more feel like a happy woman who enjoys the joys of a full-fledged sexual life!

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