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How to remove the double chin

How to remove the double chin Today, men and women do not hesitate to use any means to preserve youth and beauty, because an attractive appearance is not only a guarantee of the good will of the others, popularity with the opposite sex, but also one of the foundations of maintaining self-confidence. One of the most common problems that’s essential for many people is the second chin. Small imperfection brings disharmony in the clear lines of the face and neck and it is not easy to remove it by yourself.

Second chin removal without surgery

Getting rid of excess fat and returning of the old elasticity of the skin under the lower jaw without surgery is difficult, but possible. The success of non-invasive procedures depends on the age of the person and the degree of the defect.

In mild cases that occur in adolescents or young people, in order to remove body fat from the neck, it is enough to switch to the correct diet and resort to sports. As for women or men of older age, it may not be enough to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle to combat the hateful flaw. In this case the minimally invasive cosmetology methods come to the rescue.

If the second chin is not very pronounced, and the skin condition still allows to return to the previous state without serious intervention of the surgeon, cosmetologists recommend liposuction or a suture lifting.

How to remove the double chin Patients of mature age that face this problem are being prescribed a plastic surgery with excision of the neck tissue for the correction of the chin volume. Modern cosmetology allows you to deal with the deposition of adipose tissue under the lower jaw without spending a lot of time or effort even in the most advanced cases.

The main reason for the appearance of a second chin is the fat accumulation caused by improper diet, metabolic disorders or age-related metabolic delays. In addition, the cause of the appearance of ugly folds on the neck in adulthood is the gravitational ptosis accompanied by a weakening of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus with its partial omission. In rare cases, in order to get rid of the flaw, it is enough to perform special physical exercises or perform physiotherapy procedures regularly. But quite often, the effects of exercises and physiotherapy fade away as soon as you stop performing them.

Liposuction as a method for removing a double chin

Liposuction is considered to be the most effective method in combating fat deposits on the neck. Due to the minimal intervention, the procedure does not require long-term rehabilitation after plastic surgery or changes in the usual way of life, but allows delicate and effective fat removing from the problem area. Although chin liposuction not intended to cause cuts, it is performed under general anesthesia. The walls of fat cells are destroyed by ultrasound or special preparations, and their contents are removed through thin cannulas. Punctures that occur from the introduction of the cannula are almost invisible and do not leave scars.

How to remove the double chin After liposuction, the removed fat in the neck is replaced by connective tissue that provides additional support for soft tissues. In a normal state, the skin after a decrease in the volume of fatty tissue is independently reduced, and the oval of the face acquires the missing clarity.

Other methods for removing the double chin

Sometimes removing the fatty tissue from the neck is not enough to return a beautiful and young look. If the skin in the problem area is excessively weak, then the vector lifting may be necessary. Strengthening with the sutures makes up for the lack of elasticity, while giving fineness to the lines of the lower part of the face and neck.

In addition to suture plastics, rejuvenating procedures have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Laser or other types of hardware rejuvenation trigger regeneration processes in the body and activate metabolic processes, thus leading to the restoration of skin elasticity and tightening of facial contours.

If the problem cannot be removed either with the help of minimally invasive liposuction or by using hardware methods, then the patients need to resort to surgery: implantation of endotine or other types of surgical tightening.

Having chosen the optimal correction method, you will permanently remove the hated second chin and you will be able to admire the immaculate reflection in the mirror!

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