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Rejuvenation and face lifting without a scalpel

Rejuvenation and face lifting without a scalpel Today, aesthetic plastic surgery is on an unprecedented rise amd is capable of correcting any external flaw. Anti-aging treatments make it easy to lose a couple of decades. Earlier it was necessary to go under the surgeon’s scalpel, but now the desired effect can be achieved in the non-invasive way.

Traces of age appear differently on people's faces. Some people grow old slowly and gradually while watching as more and more wrinkles appear. Others remain youthful for a long time, but then grow older more rapidly than most people. That is why the selection of techniques to combat the signs of aging should be individual for each patient. Experienced cosmetologists can easily determine the type of aging of the skin and know which procedures give a pronounced effect on it.

Tired face

This type of aging is named like that because it is accompanied by a gradually increasing lethargy of the facial muscles and skin, which leads to ptosis of the corners of the mouth and eyes. In addition, the face is getting very old by deep nasolabial folds and nasolacrimal glands. The skin becomes dull, pastous, and soft tissues partially lose volume. This type of wilting is observed in women with an oval or round face, moderately pronounced subcutaneous fatty tissue and normal or oily skin.

Омоложение и подтяжка лица без скальпеля The peculiarity of this type of aging: a pronounced contrast between freshness in the morning and fatigue in the evening. But getting rid of the hated signs of wilting is easy enough, since rejuvenation is performed by the following:

  1. The methods aimed at improving the tone of facial muscles, improving of the blood supply to facial tissues and removing of the pastosity. These procedures are represented by microcurrent lymphatic drainage, myostimulation and hardware massage.
  2. Suture lifting, soft lifting, contouring with the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, vector lifting.
  3. Procedures that contribute to an increase in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enhance cell division and improve skin color. These goals can be achieved by means of injections of restructuring drugs, placental therapy, plasmolifting, biorevitalization.

Fine wrinkles

Slender women with thin skin face the first wrinkles early. The notorious "crow's feet", wrinkles around the mouth, "parchment skin", the rapid loss of the previous volumes by the face indicate small-wrinkled type of aging. Despite the abundance of small facial wrinkles, women with such a face may not be afraid of deepening of the nasolabial and nasal fissures, the appearance of jowls or the loss of clear contours of the neck and chin. Rejuvenation and face lifting without a scalpel It is not difficult for them to struggle with age, since all the wrinkles are rather superficial. In order to slow down this type of aging, the following should be enough:

  • procedures for skin moisturizing and hardening, including injections of preparations for restructuring, plasmolifting, biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid;
  • recovery of lost tissue volume with the use of soft-lifting, contour plastics;
  • procedures to eliminate fine wrinkles and improve skin elasticity (diamond polishing, laser polishing of the face).

But remember that in case of this type of aging, the use of suture lifting is useless to fight for the return of youth.

Face deformation

Full-bodied women with fairly dense skin and a pronounced subcutaneous fat layer often face a deformation type of aging. With age, there is a deepening of the nasolabial folds, the appearance of bags under the eyes, edema, the appearance of jowls, double chin, ptosis of soft tissues and skin. Until recently, only surgical rejuvenation techniques dealt with such problems. Rejuvenation and face lifting without a scalpel But now it is possible to correct the age deficiencies of this type with the following means:

  1. The introduction of drugs to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat. It is recommended to use products created specifically for the lipolysis of facial fat. They contribute to the transformation of "white" fat into "brown" one, which differs more in density and compactness. This procedure is suitable for correcting of facial contours, reducing Bisha lumps, baggy eyes, removing excess fat from the chin area.
  2. Lifting with 4D notched sutures. Such a lifting will allow to lift the tissue and form beautiful facial contours for a long time.
  3. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage, LPG, RF-lifting used to reduce tissue swelling.

Individual characteristics

The types of aging described above are far from completely describing the options for changes that overtake a woman with age. The uniqueness of each organism leaves its imprint on the processes of wilting occurring in it. That is why you need to contact experienced cosmetologists and surgeons who are able to clearly assess the effects of aging, determine the set of techniques necessary for their effective correction and prescribe a course of procedures.

By trusting the specialists of the "Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery", you will forget about old age for a long time while enjoying the health and blooming look of your face!

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