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Breast plastic surgery: what do you need to know before surgery?

Breast plastic surgery: what do you need to know before surgery? Before deciding on a plastic surgery, it is worthwhile to weigh all the pros and cons of it. As the Latin wisdom says: "Forewarned is forearmed". In the modern information world, are surgeons who warn. After all, there is absolutely no sense in hiding possible postoperative problems. Therefore, the staff of the clinic conducts a very detailed consultation and highlights the details of the operation of increasing or lifting of the breast in the Internet.

The plasty can be rejected

No professional surgeon will indulge the momentary whims of his patient. If your desire to perform a breast lifting or increase a bust is just a whim and not a consequence of complexes, aesthetic state of the bust, moral discomfort or other problem, then you will be rejected to perform the operation. A plastic surgeon consults with the patient before performing the intervention and first of all finds out the motives for it in order to reduce the risks. This is completely justified, because if you regret it tomorrow, then you will blame the surgeon, and if there is no objective necessity in breast augmentation (mammoplasty), the surgeon will explain it to you.

Non-surgical solution of the problem

Breast plastic surgery: what do you need to know before surgery? Plastic surgery is a guaranteed effect despite the health risks and stress for the patient's body. However, if there are non-surgical methods for solving the problem, then you should try them. For example, it is not necessary to do a breast lifting if exercises in the gym can solve your problem. Experiment with the underwear, perhaps you need a good uplift, it can not only create a tightened breast effect, but it can imitate a bust that is a couple of sizes larger than it actually is. In addition, there are many cosmetic services that are aimed at restoring the elasticity of the patient's skin without the help of a plastic surgeon. In any case, the decision to lie under the knife for the sake of increasing the bust (perform mammoplasty) or perform the lifting is the last measure, and you must be 100% sure of its correctness.

It is necessary to give up smoking

Smoking is a problem for many, and on the eve of a plastic surgery it is even more actual. Surgeons recommend patients to abstain from cigarettes for 2 weeks before and after plastic surgery. Regardless of what you are going to do: perform correction of areoles, increase breast (perform mammoplasty) or perform breast lifting, the tar and nicotine you apply increase the risk of complications many times.

You should lose weight before making lifting.

Prepare yourself for the procedure of plastic correction not only morally, but physically as well. Pay special attention to your weight (if you have a problem of its surplus). The patient should lose weight not after lifting, but before it. Your new enlarged breast can suffer greatly if you lose more than 3 kg after its plasty. This can lead to a decrease in the effect and the decision to prematurely correct the shape of the bust, which could be needed much later otherwise. But a reasonable increase in weight (in the range of 100-300 g per year) is only beneficial for patients aged 45-50 years.

Do not chase the low prices

Breast plastic surgery: what do you need to know before surgery? The average price for increasing of the breast (mammoplasty) or breast lifting varies in the range of 4-7 thousand US dollars on the territory of Ukraine. If you see a too low price, then either you see an incomplete cost of plastic surgery, or you have a problem with choosing a clinic for consultation. It is up to you to make a decision, but you should consider that the price is formed in accordance with 3 factors:

  • quality and performance of the equipment used by the surgeon;
  • level of qualification of plastic surgeons (good surgeons have to be paid high salaries);
  • the cost of the implants.

And now think about what you can save on as a patient by putting your own body at risk.

Rehabilitation period

Be ready for the fact that during the first month after the operation of mammoplasty or breast lifting you will have to spend more time resting regardless of your age. You will not be able to work, do household tasks and solve any everyday problems that can lead to the slightest risk of stress for the body. Recommendations and decisions of the surgeon are mandatory for compliance by the patient if she wants the rehabilitation period after plastic surgery to pass quickly and without a trace for health and its effect to be preserved for a long time.

Several types of plasty may be required.

Breast plastic surgery: what do you need to know before surgery? You cannot determine the type of operation you need on your own. This should be decided by a plastic surgeon only during the first consultation in the clinic. Often there are situations when the patient needs a multi-stage intervention. For example, the female breast not only increases after birth, but saggers as well (especially after the birth of the 2nd or 3rd child). Both problems may be solved, it is enough to seek help of a qualified physician in order to perform the lifting.

You'll have to monitor yourself after the operation.

The natural problem of aging does not have any positive impact on the skin condition of the patient as well as on the results of the plasty of the breast and the body as a whole. The loss of its elasticity affects the achieved effect of the lifting, but you can always make a correction, it is enough to consult a doctor for advice. The risk of negative consequences of this procedure for the body is much lower in comparison with the primary plastic operation for increasing of the breast and takes about 2 times less time (in comparison with the combined plastic surgery).

According to statistics, the vast majority of patients aged 30-40 years decide to visit the surgeon again only in 10 years after the first breast plasty. However, the problem of the need for correction can arise much earlier. For example, the lifting may be required if you give birth to two or more children after a plastic surgery.

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