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Operation in case of hyperhidrosis: pros and cons

Operation in case of hyperhidrosis: pros and cons People with hyperhidrosis often wonder: is it worth to solve the problem in an extreme way or should you first experience all the delights of softer methods. After all, the operation is known for a heavy body burden and possible negative consequences. It is worth noting that the surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis that you can read about herein has been practiced for a long time. Moreover, the doctors have learned to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating regardless of the zone of its occurrence while having decades of practical experience.

Types of surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis

The main distinctive feature of the hypersweatiness from normal sweatiness is its causeless occurrence in the patient. The slightest stress or temperature increase makes the person to sweat excessively. However, do not confuse the problem of excessive sweating with complications of viral infections, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc. In all these cases, it is necessary to treat the focus of the disease but not its consequences. If the results of the survey have confirmed that you do have hypersweatiness, it is worth to think seriously about choosing the type of operation.

  • Surgical sympathectomy. It is an operation, the purpose of which is to block the transmission of the nerve impulse through the sympathetic nerve fibers (they refer to the autonomic nervous system and head along the spine).
  • Endoscopic sympathectomy. The purpose of the intervention is no different from the task related to manipulations of the doctor when using the previous method. The surgeon needs to squeeze the nerve trunk at a certain level. The only difference is that there is no need for a wide incision, it is enough to make a small passage for the endoscope, at the end of which there is a small video camera and sterile instruments.
  • Minor operations. Intervention consists in excision of a site of the skin with excessive sweating. Its subtypes are liposuction and curettage (scraping with a special tool).
  • Injectable treatment of hyperhidrosis. The introduction of the botulinum toxin makes it possible to get rid of the problem for 6 months. Manipulation helps in the fight against excessive sweating of the underarms, on the palms, feet, scalp and in the groin area.

Possible complications during the operation

  • Bleeding. The massive surgical operations of sympathectomy were widespread previously, but now all civilized countries switched over to the endoscopic treatment of exsessive sweating. It implies much less traumatism and a constant visual control of the doctor.
  • Variations in blood pressure. Such a reaction of the organism to the anesthesia is possible during any operation. Therefore, the treatment of hyperhidrosis passes under strict control of body parameters: palpitation, breathing, pressure.
  • Infection. This includes "minor" surgeries and injecting procedures. Failure to comply with the rules of disinfection can lead to infection and the development of the inflammatory process in the patient, for example, it may occur on the palms or on the scalp. Therefore, be responsible regarding the choice of the clinic and surgeon regardless of what you want to perform: whether it is the correction of facial wrinkles or rhinoplasty!

Possible complications that may occur after the intervention

Operation in case of hyperhidrosis: pros and cons Even if the operation is successful, the postoperative period can be dashed with complications. Hyperhidrosis in those areas that were subject to surgery will surely decrease, but there is a possibility that excessive sweating will manifest itself in other parts of the body (palms, abdomen, scalp, etc.). There is a separate medical term for this phenomenon - it is called compensatory hypersweatiness. Reduction of sweat secretion in one zone leads to its increase in another.

According to the statistics, 2% of patients who showed compensatory hyper-sweatiness come to the surgeon for the implementation of reverse action (for example, to return the problem to the palms area, but to restore the scalp to normal condition). Fortunately, in the case of an endoscopic operation, the doctor can eliminate the changes that have been made earlier.

When choosing the injection procedures or small surgical operations, it is also worth considering the possibility of complications. It can be an infection at the injection site or in an area of excessive sweat secretion. And you should not forget that the result achieved during these manipulations will be lost in a few months.

Alternative therapies

Operation in case of hyperhidrosis: pros and cons The following can be identified among the most popular methods of hyperhidrosis treatment:

  • Physiotherapy. This method has only a local action, and its effect is retained for a short period of time.
  • Medical preparations for local use. Typically, these are the products that contain tanning substances of natural origin or aluminum salts. The effectiveness of the method is extremely low and its effectiveness in comparison with the usual antiperspirants is even lower.
  • Ultrasonic liposuction. It is a more expensive method, the result of which exceeds all the above methods used to combat increased sweating.
  • Surgical procedure. The use of this method implies significant financial costs, which can be justified by a good result of the surgeon's work. However, you should not forget about the possible occurrence of numerous side effects of such an operation.

Increased sweating, which is a consequence of disrupting of the work of sweat glands (palms, abdomen, feet, etc.), can be controlled in the early stages of development like the other diseases. As a preventive measure, the doctors recommend adhering to a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits and going in for sports. You should walk more in the fresh air (this will improve oxygen exchange), observe the diet and sleep mode.

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