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Truth and fiction about suture lifting

Truth and fiction about suture lifting Modern aesthetic medicine provides many methods of rejuvenation that allow to preserve youth and beauty for as long as possible. One of them is the suture lifting that has many myths associated with it. Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery also actively uses this technique. Careful attitude to the health of patients, many years of experience, high qualification and keen interest in the achievements of cosmetic medicine allow our doctors to say with certainty which rumors about rejuvenation performed by means of sutures are closer to the truth and which ones are absolute fiction.

Myth 1. Suture techniques are traumatic

One of the greatest fears of suture correction is the risk of injury to tissues and a resulting long recovery period. This fear is only partly justified, because the degree of injury directly depends on the severity of age-related changes, the amount of work, and the zone of lifting.

Indeed, the suture lifting is a more traumatic procedure in comparison with beauty injections; it involves sterile preparation of the patient, the introduction of local anesthesia and direct implantation. The types of sutures are selected on the basis of different indications and varying degrees of changes, thus allowing to achieve the best possible results with minimal trauma.

Aptos Exellence Visage implants placed in an atraumatic cannula are considered one of the safest devices. The blunt needle tip ensures that they are gently inserted into the area of correction without damaging the surrounding tissues.

In case of obvious age-related changes, more rigorous Aptos Needle sutures are required that are placed through micro incisions. They do not dissolve, therefore they provide sufficient skin support for pronounced and long-term rejuvenation.

Myth 2. Sutures are expensive

Truth and fiction about suture lifting Of course, the suture lifting is more expensive than the introduction of fillers, but the indications for the procedure are completely different. Aptos meso-sutures will bring results where even a whole course of injections will fail to achieve results. And since the operation is carried out only once, the additional expenses are not foreseen for a long time and as a result the patient pays less than for alternative methods of rejuvenation.

Myth 3. General anesthesia and complete sterility will be required.

Any procedure involving the violation of the integrity of the skin requires sterility of the instruments, the hands of the doctor and the surgical field. Even minimally invasive beauty injections are no exception. Therefore, suture lifting is performed in a prepared, sterile operating room.

But general anesthesia is not required. The local anesthesia is enough, which consists in the introduction of a suitable anesthetic into the correction zone. In this case, the patient remains conscious, but does not experience any pain.

Myth 4. Suture lifting requires incisions and joints.

In most cases, the introduction of the sutures into the tissues is made through a cannula. After that, the several pinholes are left that tighten in the first hours after the procedure.

In case of the serious age-related changes and a large amount of correction (asymmetry of facial features, pronounced ptosis), it is possible to perform micro incisions for implantation. In this case, the joints are being applied, but they are removed in just a few days.

Myth 5. The sutures cannot be extracted

The use of biotechnological natural absorbable fibers for the manufacturing of implants makes their further extraction unnecessary. Suture lifting activates the production of its own collagen at the site of implantation and the formation of a skeleton from its fibers that supports the youth of the skin. In addition, Aptos meso-sutures contain polylactic acid, which is necessary for permanent moisturizing of the skin and acquiring of a healthy and fresh look.

Myth 6. Fibrous tissue is formed after installation of the sutures.

Fibrosis is an absolutely normal physiological process that completes the restoration of tissue after injury. Suture lifting is not an exception, but the special structure of resorbable implants contributes to the development of those types of collagen and elastin, which are needed to maintain the movable frame in the facial covers. Aptos sutures also initiate an increase in the number of fibroblasts in the dermis that are recognized as the main cells of youth.

Myth 7. The sutures may break

Truth and fiction about suture lifting The flexible materials that cannot be mechanically damaged are used for suture lifting. They are implanted directly into the subcutaneous fatty tissue, what ensures the redistribution of volumes in the correction zone and makes the implants completely invisible. The only condition for normal implantation is the minimum load of the facial muscles in the first few days.

Myth 8. The sutures are effective only in case of minor ptosis.

The effectiveness of the suture lifting depends on the indications and preliminary preparation for the procedure. In order to ease "heavy" tissues, lipolytic injections (to destroy fat deposits) and lymphatic drainage (to relieve puffiness) are used, after which the suture tightening becomes very effective.

Myth 9. The effect of the sutures lasts about a year.

In some cases, only face surgery can help to restore facial youth. But if the indications allow, suture lifting is also able to gladden with a rather lasting rejuvenating result. Such a tightening affects not only the position, but also the state of the tissues, contributing to their revitalization. And although the results do not last as long as those after a surgical facelifting, low invasiveness, quick rehabilitation and a lower cost of the procedure make the procedure interesting for patients.

Myth 10. There is a clear age frame for suture lifting.

Suture lifting is most comfortable and brings the most noticeable results at a young age, since the younger the patient is, the faster the tissue regeneration is. But anyway, there is no upper limit for the procedure. This tightening is applied after a thorough assessment of the condition of the skin, so that the doctor would be sure that the results will be achieved.

What is important to know about the suture lifting?

The suture method is much more effective in fighting the signs of aging compared to the contour plastic. The effectiveness of the procedure is ensured by the presence of opening notches on the Aptos sutures. They provide a redistribution of volumes, giving the young and clear contours to the face. In the first days after the lifting, the patient may feel mild discomfort, which passes away in 3-5 days.

And the absence of hematomas and puffiness allows to return to the usual rhythm of life and enjoy the returned beauty on the very next day after the manipulation.

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