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Dysport - truth and fiction

Dysport - truth and fiction Injection techniques of rejuvenation are in good demand in Ukraine. They allow you to get rid of the hated facial wrinkles without the risks that occur during plastic surgery, as well as a long and hard recovery. Drugs based on botulinum toxin type A are actively used in contour plastics. Doctors of the Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery trust in Dysport preparation. The use of modern medical equipment, an excellent reputation, high qualifications of doctors, concern for patient safety and the use of exclusively proven rejuvenation techniques allow you to trust the opinion of experts about the myths around the neurotoxic drug without fear.

Dysport causes muscles atrophy

The fear of muscle atrophy occurring after injections of neurotoxin takes a leading position in the list of patients' fears. This fear is completely unfounded. With the introduction of the drug into mobile mimic muscles, a prolonged relaxing effect occurs, which does not affect the functional state of the muscles after the completion of the action of the injection. The action of Dysport lasts for about 4 months, after which the muscle gradually returns to its current state and is fully restored.

Dysport - truth and fiction The introduction of the drug into large skeletal muscles of the face (for example, chewing muscles) is accompanied by their partial atrophy, which is used for cosmetic purposes (to narrow the facial contours).

Constant injections are dangerous.

Regular use of Dysport preparation is absolutely safe for health, despite of the existing myth about the accumulation of neurotoxin in tissues and the occurrence of unintended effects.

The safety of the drug also is also described by its active use in clinical medicine: the treatment of torticollis, blepharospasm, hyperhidrosis and acne. Clinical and experimental studies have also proved the absence of a negative effect on the child when this drug is administered to pregnant or lactating women.

Dysport causes addiction

Dysport - truth and fiction Many women are afraid to regularly inject the neurotoxin due to the possibility that the body would get addiction to the toxin and that it would reduce its effectiveness. The experienced doctors can also argue with this. Resistance to the action of neurotoxin can occur only in case of its regular administration by means of microdoses. To avoid this, it is enough to entrust your face into the hands of a specialist and inject the substance without violating the schedule.

Overdose is dangerous

Of course, any medicine in excessive doses turns into poison. But is quite difficult to bring harm to the human health with Dysport injections. The drug can be injected into children with infantile cerebral paralysis from the age of two and its dose is much higher than the dosage used to rejuvenate the face.

Injections can be made by a beautician

Despite the widespread use of Dysport and the apparent ease of administering the drug to facial tissues, the injections should be entrusted to a certified doctor, and not a dubious employee of the beauty salon. Only a doctor has a sufficient level of knowledge to assess the patient's state of health, identify contraindications and determine the appropriateness of injections.

The perfect knowledge of anatomy is also important, because injecting of Dysport should be performed in clearly defined places. In case of incorrect selection of the injection point, there is a risk of facial asymmetry due to uneven muscle relaxation.

Dysport removes some wrinkles, but causes others

Dysport - truth and fiction Despite the relaxing effect of the neurotoxin, it is impossible to avoid compensatory mimicry, and it should not be made. After the injections, the patient gradually loses the habit related to writhe grimaces, pucker or frown, what reduces the likelihood of wrinkles in the future.

If you notice any negative effects after injecting Dysport, you should not look for reasons related to it. A change in the contours of the face can be observed in case of a strong development of the muscles of the neck that may occur due to improper exercise for example.

The use of Dysport will help in those cases where injections of hyaluronic acid are not enough and immediately and permanently eliminate mimic wrinkles. It is easy to be always young and beautiful with the doctors of the Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery!

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