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How is it possible to rejuvenate the neck and decollete area: cosmetics or surgery?

How is it possible to rejuvenate the neck and decollete area: cosmetics or surgery? Over the years, many ladies lay aside clothing with the decollete and drape the folds and wrinkles that have appeared with dense fabrics. But is it necessary to refuse to tame before the inevitable old age? Or will modern cosmetics, salon procedures or breast lifting allow to fight more? Doctors of the Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery give their recommendations for preserving the youth of the neck and chest.

Causes of wrinkles in the decollete area

In order to prevent aging of the chest and neck, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the factors leading to the deterioration of its condition:

  1. Lack of proper care. The disregarding of cosmetic products for moisturizing and nourishing of delicate skin leads to their rapid loss of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks. Especially quick is the deterioration of the skin during pregnancy and after the completion of lactation. Constant changes in hormonal levels and changes in the volume of the mammary glands are the main enemies of the decollete youth.
  2. Postural disorder. Slouching back and hunched shoulders are the cause of wrinkles even in young girls and the situation only gets worse with age;
  3. Sunbathing. A little while in the sun has not stopped anyone, but shock doses of ultraviolet light contribute to the loss of moisture, loss of elasticity and deterioration of the barrier function of the skin.
  4. Sharp weight loss, which is also contributing to the formation of wrinkles in the decollete area. You should prefer proper nutrition instead of diets, then the weight will go away gradually, and the integuments will have time to adjust to the new shape of the figure.
  5. Wrong position in the sleep, which is leading to formation of the wrinkles in the neck.
  6. Highly sensitive skin. The thinness of the integument of the decollete area increases their vulnerability to early aging.

The tips for the care of the decollete area

In order to preserve the freshness of the tender area of ​​the chest and neck for many years, it is enough to follow simple advices:

  1. Monitor the amount of water you drink. For normal metabolism, you need about 40 ml of pure water per 1 kg of body weight.
  2. It is advised to use nutritional cosmetics. It is best to apply these products to clean, moist skin after a shower.
  3. It is advised to do exfoliating peels in areas most prone to the formation of wrinkles on a weekly basis. You can use both purchased products and natural homemade cosmetics.
  4. It is advised to treat your neck daily with alcohol-free and alkali-free lotions or tonics to narrow the pores, strengthen the skin and normalize blood circulation.
  5. It is advised to apply nutritional masks for decollete twice a week. The means containing vegetable, fruit or dairy components as well as oils are considered to be the most useful ones. It is recommended to use nutrient and moisturizing cosmetics in turn.

Procedures used to eliminate wrinkles on the decollete area

How is it possible to rejuvenate the neck and decollete area: cosmetics or surgery? Wrinkles in the neck and chest that have already appeared require considerable effort to eliminate. The means to fight the signs of aging include: home methods, salon techniques and surgical means. Due to the smaller number of sebaceous glands in comparison with the face, the skin of the breast is less protective and is more sensitive to aggressive effects. The positive side of a thin lipid layer is the ability to easily absorb the nutrients from cosmetics.

Wraps and compresses

If you have enough time, you can make a wrap or put a nutritional compress before bedtime. In order to prepare the decollete area for manipulation, go to the shower, clean and warm the skin. Rub in the oil with the sponge or soft brush, cover the treated area with a layer of paper or polyethylene. In order to fix the compress, turn around with a kerchief or bandage and lie quietly for about half an hour. After the procedure, wash off the remnants of the oil with warm water and wipe the body with an ice cube from fruit juice or herbal decoction for a better toning. Apply the cream and go to rest.

Another way to take care of the condition of the breast is regular wraps. For wrapping, you can use vegetables, fruits, berries, honey or herbs. The necessary ingredients are laid out on the fabric base, which is fixed on the chest area. In order to enhance the abovementioned effect, the compress is wrapped with cling film.

Oils, homemade mayonnaise or sour cream can also be used for wraps. Grate the skin with a selected substance and apply a hot cloth moistened with herbal tea on top. Wait for the cloth to cool and turn yourself with the cellophane and towel.

The masks for the decollete area

Homemade natural masks demonstrate results that many purchased options cannot boast of. In order to nourish the skin regularly, stock up with a couple of simple recipes and follow the recommended proportions.

Recipe No. 1

Make a mixture of homemade sour cream, one yolk, juice of half a lemon (medium size) and 1 dessert spoon of vodka. Send the composition into the refrigerator to infuse for 2 days. Apply the mask for half an hour and wash off after with warm water.

Recipe No. 2

In order to eliminate the first wrinkles and tighten the skin of the decollete area, use a gelatin mixture. To do it, dilute the gelatin with water in the ratio of 1: 2 and heat the mixture until the grains dissolve. Complete the mask with starch (1 part) diluted in milk (2 parts). Distribute the warm mass around the decollete area.

Recipe No. 3

Mix 1 part of chamomile infusion with two parts of cucumber juice. Soak a multi-layer gauze in liquid and put on your neck for 30 minutes.

Salon procedures

How is it possible to rejuvenate the neck and decollete area: cosmetics or surgery? Greater effect in the fight against wrinkles can be achieved with the use of salon techniques. The most effective are:

  • beauty injections on the basis of the hyaluronic acid ;
  • laser rejuvenation;
  • PRP-plasmolifting - the introduction of its own purified plasma with a high content of platelets;
  • photo rejuvenation used to eliminate pigment spots and small wrinkles;
  • lifting by means of radio waves of a certain frequency;
  • the introduction of Botox.

You will have to undergo a course of procedures in order to obtain the expected results.

Contrast shower and massage

The benefits of a contrast shower for improving blood supply and metabolic processes have been known for a long time. In order to get a fresh look, alternately turn on hot and warm water, but finish the bathing exceptionally with warm water.

Gentle home massage also improves the condition of the skin. Raise your head and sequentially move the back of your hands up and down, complete the massage with a light manual percussion

Surgical methods

Cosmetic surgery will help where other methods are powerless. It os possible to return the perfect look of the chest and neck using the following:

  • Mastopexy (breast lifting);
  • Mammoplasty;
  • Mentoplasty;
  • Lipofilling.

Doctors of the Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery will be able to assess the condition of your skin and select the optimal rejuvenation technique for returning youth to the decollete area!

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