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Myths about rehabilitation after rhinoplasty - what is worth and what is not worth to be afraid of?

Myths about rehabilitation after rhinoplasty - what is worth and what is not worth to be afraid of? Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Both women and men equally apply for surgical changes in the shape of the nose. With the help of an experienced surgeon you can remove the hated crook in the nose, thus giving the nose a noble straightness, change the shape of its tip and straighten the nasal septum without disturbing or even with improving of the respiratory function.

Rhinoplasty is recommended in the following cases:

  • functional pathologies of the structure;
  • post-traumatic defects;
  • psychological dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose.

The delicate work of the surgeon allows the patient to make the facial features more harmonious, but many people are afraid of the operation due to complications arising in the postoperative period despite the seeming simplicity of the operation. The surgeons of the Poltava Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery will help you to find out what really is worth fearing, and what is just a phantom of the imagination of suspicious patients.

Myth 1 - Blow to the nose

Myths about rehabilitation after rhinoplasty - what is worth and what is not worth to be afraid of? The overwhelming majority of people fears that after the plastic surgery the nose will become more fragile and even a gentle blow will lead to its fracture. In fact this is not quite true.

It is necessary to be afraid of blows directly in the postoperative period. Like any other operated area, the nose should be protected from injury. After its healing, the normal strength of the bone structures returns. A number of experts believe that because of the formation of provisional calluses after rhinoplasty, the nasal bones become even stronger.

Myth 2 - Bruises under the eyes

Hematomas, edema, and moderate pain after rhinoplasty are normal, this is not pathology. Such phenomena accompany any plastic surgery; therefore it should not cause concern.

Sensitive pain is observed in the first few days after the plastic surgery. Little by little, the painful sensations decrease and disappear completely in 2-3 weeks after the operation. In order to eliminate the pain in the rehabilitation period, the doctors prescribe painkillers.

Puffiness occurs due to fluid accumulation caused by injury to the vessels. Edema can last from 7 to 20 days extending from the area of intervention to the neighboring areas.

The presence of bruises under the eyes in the first weeks after plastics neither should scare the patient. Hematomas are a natural consequence of injury to the vessels after rhinoplasty and disappear in a couple of weeks. The doctors prescribe special gels and ointments for their speedy resorption.

Myth 3 - The nose will fall off

Myths about rehabilitation after rhinoplasty - what is worth and what is not worth to be afraid of? A thorough examination before rhinoplasty, the elimination of contraindications, and the absence of systemic pathologies make such an unpleasant outcome of the operation to be impossible. The nasal structures keep firmly together, not only due to their own tissues, but also with the help of an extensive network of blood vessels. In the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, the nose may turn out to be crooked, asymmetrical, it may have an inappropriate shape, but there is no chance of falling off.

Myth 4 - Pregnancy and childbirth

The pregnancy period is a contraindication for surgical interventions, if there is no threat to the life of the woman. Rhinoplasty is no exception. Doctors recommend abandoning pregnancy planning during the recovery period after the plastics and after giving birth - it is necessary to wait until the end of lactation before performing the operation.

The fact is that the regeneration abilities of the mother's body are reduced during this period, and all resources are spent on providing the fetus or child with substances necessary for normal development. But still, if you became pregnant immediately after rhinoplasty, you should not fear for the result of the intervention or the safety of the fetus. The only thing that will change is the time required for full recovery from plasty.

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