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Overview of fillers for contour correction

Overview of fillers for contour correction Neither expensive famous brand-name creams, nor the most sophisticated recipes of homemade lotions are able to protect you from wrinkles quickly and for a long time. Their regular use and proper systemic skin care, of course, make wrinkles less noticeable, but do not eliminate them. Many women are not satisfied with this result, that’s when the contour correction comes to help.

Fillers and their application in cosmetology

Fillers (that comes from the word “to fill” in English) - dermal filling agents based on active substances. In contour correction, they are used as injectables that can not only smooth the wrinkles on the face, but also correct small imperfections on the body.

Many people consider dysport and botox to be fillers, which are very popular today. However, in fact, the result after their use appears only a week later, while the effectiveness of contour correction is visible after the first procedure already.

Overview of fillers for contour correction Nowadays the market of cosmetology services is full of a wide variety of fillers. And their assortment is regularly updated. But, the most popular among cosmetologists are the following preparations: Princess, Juvederm and Surgiderm.

It is the specialist who must choose not only the filler itself, but also its dosage. Before undergoing the procedure, you can study the information about the product that the cosmetician has chosen. If it turns out that the correction agent is used in Europe and America, then you can be sure of its high quality. There, the fillers undergo a series of serious clinical trials before being put into practice. At the preliminary consultation do not hesitate to ask the doctor any questions. It is very important to find out the contraindications to the procedure and check the doctor’s license to perform such manipulations.

Immediately before the correction procedure, ask the doctor to show you the preparation itself, sterile needles and syringes. The unit package must indicate the expiration date of the substance, the series and batch number. All this data must be recorded.

What contouring preparations are popular today?

  1. Princess. Delicate Princess fillers made in Austria are among the most in-demand preparations preferred by contour correction adherents. This agent can turn a client’s dream into reality. For more than 10 years, it has been receiving positive feedback from both cosmetologists and their patients. You may find four different preparation names, in the production of each of which a firm-specific technology S.M.A.R.T. is used. The naturalness of the effect after the substance use is its significant advantage. In addition, it is certainly not necessary to wait until the previous filling agent is completely resolved to use the Princess filler. Princess filler can be used with other preparations. And its only drawback is the short period of gel retention in comparison with the findings of similar substances.
  2. Overview of fillers for contour correction Surgiderm. Surgiderm preparations have been developed by the well-known French company Corneal Group and are intended for subcutaneous injections. Surgiderm is a non-animal hyaluronic acid gel that is 100% compatible with human tissues. The cross-links of the hyaluronic acid molecule make it more resistant to sudden temperature changes and help keep the initial result for a longer time. These molecules, penetrating into the skin, accumulate an intense release of moisture, thereby causing the synthesis of elastin and collagen. These substances stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, thereby preventing the appearance of new wrinkles and smoothing the old ones.
  3. Juvederm. Juvederm is the constant leader among fillers. The development of the American-Canadian brand Allergan is based on the synthesis of VYCROSS hyaluronic acid. It is known for its unique ability to create additional cross-links between molecules. The use of lidocaine in the Ultra substances is another distinctive feature of the preparation. It was Juvederm that initiated the widespread use of this anesthetic.

Why contour correction is so popular?

Every woman is more or less worried about preserving her beauty and youthful skin. Before now, only creams and other skincare products with a short duration of effect used to be available, as well as a cardinal method - plastic surgery. In the second case, the desired result is too expensive, both in terms of money, and psychological state. This is a huge stress for the body and health risk. In addition, do not forget about a rather long list of contraindications to surgery.

Overview of fillers for contour correction For all these reasons, the best scientists from around the world have been working upon development of an alternative preparation. As a result, modern fillers solve the problems of skin aging, are safe for humans and have several other advantages:

  • do not leave scars;
  • do not require anesthesia;
  • correction procedure is almost not painful;
  • show instant effect;
  • can be used with other rejuvenation methods.

Contour correction is an opportunity to eliminate not only small, but also deep wrinkles, to make the facial contours more clear and even to restore the volumes lost over the years. And at a younger age, fillers allow you to preserve the natural beauty of the skin and prolong the youth, and sometimes even to change your face looks.

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