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Myths about breast augmentation at home

Myths about breast augmentation at home Beautiful breasts have always been the pride of women, but not all nature has endowed equally generously. In an attempt to increase the undersized bust at home, the fair sex is ready to go a lot: eat the recommended products, use folk remedies and advertised creams. Is there any sense of such methods or still need to go under the surgeon's knife - say the doctors of the Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Poltava.

Natural causes of breast augmentation

Female breast consists mainly of glandular tissue, responsible for the production of milk during lactation, and fatty layer. Active growth of the mammary glands begins during puberty, when under the action of the sex hormones estrogen. In puberty, breast size gradually increases, reaching the final value by 15-16 years. Thereafter, several reasons may lead to a significant increase in the bust volume:

  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • weight gain.

Hormonal fluctuations in the female body during the menstrual cycle are small, so they do not affect the forms. Only immediately before critical days can a woman feel a slight engorgement of the mammary glands. If this process is accompanied by pain and a noticeable increase in the volume of the breast is worth a visit to the doctor.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones change very much. The number of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) increases and activates the growth of glandular tissue. After birth, a fairly high level of hormones is maintained by the feeding itself: while the baby is breastfed, the body produces a sufficient amount of them. With the cessation of feeding, the hormonal background returns to its original state, and the mammary glands again decrease in size.

An increase in the amount of subcutaneous fat is also accompanied by a change in the bust volume. Features of the female body cause fat tissue to accumulate in the chest and thighs. But this method is unlikely to bring the desired result to the woman, because the excess volumes appear not only in the desired places.

Breast growth foods

In the people there is an opinion that some foods can add a few centimeters to the top ninety. The wonderful properties are attributed to:

  • cabbage;
  • legumes;
  • raw dough;
  • some spices;
  • hops.

Myths about breast augmentation at home Cheap and affordable cabbage definitely benefits the body as a food product. It is rich in vitamins, contains a lot of fiber, but the breast does not increase in any form. Neither salads of raw or sauerkraut, with cabbage leaves, or vegetable juice do not affect the level of estrogen, therefore they cannot have any effect on the size of the mammary glands.

Lentils, peas, beans or beans, unlike cabbage, can really help increase the bust, as phytoestrogens contain vegetable analogues of female sex hormones. But to get a noticeable effect, it will take a lot of legumes to eat, and this is fraught with digestive disorders, overweight and other health problems.

Hops have similar properties, which is why men who drink a lot of beer often suffer from obesity and gynecomastia. But in order to get enough plant estrogen for a small change in the form, the intoxicating drink will have to be consumed regularly and in large quantities, which not only reduces women's attractiveness, but is also dangerous for health.

The fact that raw dough can increase the breast is nothing more than fiction, based on the mythical properties of roaming yeast. Yeast, suitable for direct consumption, rich in microelements, protein and vitamins, is made in the form of dietary supplements, but it is also unable to change the anatomical data of a woman. But eating raw yeast dough is a sure way to earn digestive upset. As a local remedy, the dough is also useless and even harmful, creating beneficial effects for the development of bacteria.

Some spices (turmeric, ginger, clove, thyme) in moderate amounts increase blood circulation and metabolic processes, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body, but does not change the volume of the mammary glands. But an excess of spices is harmful, irritating the intestinal mucosa, which can lead to gastritis or peptic ulcer disease.

Local Breast Augmentation Products

Strengthening blood circulation in the chest with the help of massages and lotions is quite a simple task, bringing some results, but with its own characteristics:

  1. Before carrying out cosmetology procedures, it is imperative to be examined by a mammologist to exclude fibrocystic or other types of mastopathy.
  2. Massage can only be performed by an experienced specialist, who knows how to massage the mammary glands correctly, so as not to cause inflammation in the glandular tissue.
  3. The use of warming compresses, mustard plaster, iodine nets, is prohibited when mastopathy is detected.
  4. Essential oils and herbal extracts for compresses and rubbing can lead to allergies.

Myths about breast augmentation at home Such methods allow you to increase the shape at best by one size. The result obtained is non-permanent and disappears when the procedure is terminated.

Exercises to increase the bust

It is impossible to increase the volume of the mammary glands with the help of training due to the lack of muscle tissue in them. But you can create the desired visual effect by making a set of exercises correctly. The organ is attached to the pectoral or pectoral muscles, the development of which creates the appearance of an increase of approximately one size.

Special simulators for breast augmentation and vacuum devices are not only useless, but also dangerous. They can damage the glandular tissue and lead to the development of pathology, therefore they are not recommended by doctors.

Creams and sprays for breast growth

Many pharmacological companies are not opposed to helping women increase the insufficiently voluminous forms, producing special creams, gels, sprays and other drugs for external use.

Their action depends on the composition:

  • products without hormonal components can improve the condition of the skin in the area of ​​application, create a lifting effect;
  • hormonal drugs can give the desired effect on the time of their reception, but can lead to hormonal imbalance.

The use of creams or other hormonal medical devices to change the volume of the mammary glands should be coordinated with the mammologist or gynecologist.

What really increases the chest?

It is simply impossible to influence the volume of the mammary glands at home and get a lasting result. Their size is controlled by the endocrine system of the body and if it is healthy does not change. The only method that can truly change the nature of the form of surgical plastic.

Today, plastic surgery offers a large selection of implants with a lifetime warranty, allowing you to change the shape and volume of the bust, to eliminate asymmetry or other aesthetic defects. In conjunction with mammoplasty, areola correction and mastopexy are often carried out, allowing to obtain a breast that satisfies the patient's perception of her beauty, even after a mastectomy.

Such an operation is absolutely harmless, unlike the majority of inefficient household methods, allows a woman to get rid of the complexes and gain self-confidence for life.

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