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Beauty injections during menstruation: do or postpone the injection?

Beauty injections during menstruation: do or postpone the injection? The modern woman is torn between the cares of the family, career building and household chores. Strong workload causes premature aging, so taking time off for self-care is not a whim, but a necessity. But it happens that the only chance to go to a beautician coincides with menstruation. Should I deny myself long-awaited procedures or you can fearlessly use beauty shots told by the doctors of the Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Poltava.

Is it possible to give beauty injections during menstruation?

Cosmetologists are still arguing about the acceptability of the use of injection rejuvenation techniques during critical patient days. Some believe that the sensitive time of the month negatively affects the result of the procedure, others worry about hypersensitivity and long-term recovery, still others are sure that hyaluron injections are safe during menstruation. The truth is somewhere in the middle, as the body's response to stress during this period is very individual.

How do delicate days affect the outcome?

At regular times, beauty shots are a fairly simple procedure, which gives a long-term result, noticeable immediately after the introduction of fillers, mezokokteyl or biorevitalizator. During menstruation, the hormonal background of a woman is very different from normal, which leads to:

  1. Unstable emotional state, propensity to tearfulness, irritability at the slightest occasion.
  2. Enhance immune responses to antigens and inflammatory reactions.
  3. Lower pain threshold due to the simultaneous increase in nervous sensitivity and reduction in pain tolerance.
  4. Reduce blood clotting.

The rate of metabolic reactions and the course of other processes in the patient's body during menstruation remains almost unchanged, so the main effect of the introduction of hyaluron, a mesotherapeutic cocktail, Botox or fillers also remains.

But a number of specific features for the female body imposes restrictions on the possibility of carrying out cosmetic procedures:

  1. The increase in pain sensitivity can be so significant that the use of anesthetic cream for multiple injections is almost useless. In such cases, cosmetologists recommend that patients additionally take stronger painkillers with a small proportion of tranquilizers. If possible, it is worth refusing to carry out injection procedures in particularly sensitive areas on the face (around the eyelids and lips).
  2. Acne before menstruation makes it impossible to inject, as the inflammatory processes on the face are a temporary contraindication to them because of the increasing risk of infection.
  3. Slowing blood clotting during menstruation significantly increases the risk of hematoma on the face. Therefore, it is safe to carry out only superficial injections. Deeper administration of drugs increases the risk of injury to the blood vessels and the appearance of large hematomas in a woman.
  4. Active accumulation of water by the body during menstruation can increase puffiness after administration of hyaluron-based drugs. But in the absence of a tendency to edema in the facial area, this negative effect remains unnoticed.

Beauty injections during menstruation: do or postpone the injection? Taking analgesics during menstruation will help withstand the increasing pain during injection rejuvenation, and the negative effects in the form of bruises and edema will disappear in a few days, without affecting the result of the procedure. But the decision on the possibility of its implementation, despite the insignificance of changes, is not taken by the patient, but by a cosmetologist on the basis of indications and contraindications.

So you can or can not make beauty shots during menstruation?

Months themselves are not a direct ban for the introduction of hyaluron or plasma-lifting, but most cosmetologists recommend that patients abandon the procedures for the period of menstruation due to:

  • the difficulty of transferring injections into the soft tissues of the face at the end of the menstrual cycle;
  • emotionally strong rejection of negative changes in appearance (albeit temporary) due to the introduction of drugs.

It is safer for both the doctor and the woman herself to inject after menstruation or in the middle of the cycle. But if this option is not possible, the woman can insist on the decision to carry out the procedure at a convenient time for her.

In this case, the patient is:

  1. Visit the beautician in the past, not the first days of menstruation, when the pain sensitivity decreases slightly.
  2. Make sure that there are no bleeding disorders, since a decrease in the rate of coagulation, which increases during menstruation, can lead to the formation of persistent bruises.
  3. Internally prepare for a strong swelling in the first days after the procedure.

Despite the presence of several negative effects, menstruation does not have a significant impact on the result of rejuvenating injections, therefore, at the request of the woman and in the absence of contraindications, the procedure can be carried out during this period.

Doctors of the Clinic of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Poltava help their patients with the greatest comfort in injecting anti-aging injection procedures during menstruation in order to enjoy the result as soon as possible!

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