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Getting rid from swelling after lipofilling

Getting rid from swelling after lipofilling Cosmetic surgery has opened up a wide range of opportunities for women regarding the maintenance of youth and beauty of the body. The lipofilling is in great demand among the variety of procedures. Minimally invasive surgery allows one to change the relief of the shin or thighs or restore the youth of the hands, but a special interest is generated regarding the technique of rejuvenation of the skin by introducing the patient's own fat cells. The operation resembles the procedure of injection of hyaluronic acid with preliminary intake of own fat in the areas of its excess congestion and the introduction of its purified substrate into the problem area. The result of manipulation pleases with better durability by virtue of engraftment of organism's own tissues.

Facial surgery can help to perform the following:

  • Increase the volume of lips;
  • Smooth deep nasolabial folds;
  • Restore the shape of the eyelids and lift the corners of the eyes;
  • Reduce the severity of the tear furrows.

The main positive feature of lipofilling lies in the minimum contraindications to its conduction and almost complete absence of side effects. However, the patient needs a recovery period under the supervision of a doctor similar to after any other operation.

The main problem after performing cosmetic manipulation is the appearance of bruises and swelling in the area of fat transplantation caused by ruptures of vessels and the process of engraftment of the introduced cells.

When will the swelling and bruising pass?

Getting rid from swelling after lipofilling The time period between the day of the lipofilling procedure and the evaluation of its results lasts about six months. During this period, a part of the entered fat dissolves, swelling and bruising disappear, normal color and tone of the skin are being restored.

The duration of the healing of hematomas depends on the volume of fat cells, injection site (wrinkles around the eyes, upper eyelid, lips) and restorative features of the body. As for some people, the bruises disappear in 4-7 days, in other cases they keep up to 3 weeks.

Swelling in the transplant area appears by the end of the first day. The swelling of facial tissues reaches the maximum in 3-4 days. In the subsequent period there is a gradual decrease in swelling associated with the restoration of normal blood supply. A small swelling can hold for 2-3 months.

It is not necessary to treat these conditions - it is enough to follow doctor's recommendations. In most cases, the doctor may prescribe the use of drugs or procedures that will help to speed up the recovery process and remove swelling.

How is swelling being removed after fat injection?

The experts recommend the use of physiotherapy and decongestants so that the skin would quickly acquire a fresh and healthy appearance and the reduction of swelling after the plasty was as fast and noticeable as possible. The use of the following means is widespread:

  • Microcurrent, laser, phototherapy or magnetotherapy. They help not only to treat swelling after lipofilling, but also contribute to the improvement of cellular metabolism, increase face skin tone and perform normalization of blood circulation;
  • Medicinal creams and ointments (Bepanten, Traumel C, etc.) that reduce inflammation normalize blood supply and contribute to the healing of surface damage.

It is recommended also to abandon active physical exertion, smoking, protect the face from traumas and the increased pressure on the operated areas after lipofilling.

What should I do if I need "urgent measures"?

If it is necessary to remove the negative effects of lipofilling in a few days, then one should contact a doctor to appoint an individually selected course of intensive postoperative rehabilitation, including additional physiotherapy manipulations and strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

Taking measures without consideration of medical recommendations can lead to complications and decrease the effectiveness of the facial lipofilling.

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