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What complications can occur after lipofilling?

What complications can occur after lipofilling? Despite the fact that lipofilling of the face and body belongs to the category of low-impact operations, complications after correction cannot be completely ruled out. And we are not talking about puffiness and light hematomas, which are normal in the early postoperative period and disappear within a week. Under certain conditions, the patient may develop more serious and prolonged complications that require medical intervention. Find out what the side effects of lipofilling can be and how to minimize them.

Aesthetic problems

The complications of this group primarily include:

  1. The formation of skin irregularities. After lipofilling of the face, pronounced tuberosity may occur in the correction zone. If it does not disappear after the end of the rehabilitation period, the patient should seek the advice of a surgeon. It is not recommended to self-massage or otherwise affect the skin of the face, so as not to provoke other complications.
  2. The asymmetry of the contours. With the introduction of excess volume of fat there is a risk of uneven adaptation of the transplanted tissue, which is fraught with asymmetry of the forms of the corrected zone. It is rarely noticeable after lipofilling of the legs or buttocks, but in the case of surgery on the face or chest, the defect can be pronounced.

It is important to note that light aesthetic problems on the face and body of the patient may appear immediately after the correction, they occur due to puffiness. But with the absorption of fat and the adaptation of tissues, the side effects disappear.

Infectious complications

Since lipofilling implies surgery, it does not exclude the possibility of infection. Such complications most often occur due to the death of fatty tissue. Infection can be subject to as a zone of fat intake, as well as an adjustable area of ​​the face or body.

The following symptoms may indicate a problem after surgery:

  • increasing pulsating pain:
  • the formation of redness on the skin;
  • purulent inflammation of tissues in the area of ​​punctures.

What complications can occur after lipofilling? In case of an infectious complication after lipofilling, antibiotics may be prescribed to the patient.

Other side effects

After lipofilling, patients may experience a number of other complications:

  1. Violations of skin sensitivity. In the overwhelming number of cases, this problem is temporary in nature and disappears as tissue is restored. But if the sensitivity has not returned after the rehabilitation period, medical assistance is needed.
  2. Atrophy of transplanted fat cells. A complication is dangerous due to the occurrence of granulomatous inflammation, which implies the growth of tissues. Depending on the number and size of the granulomas that have appeared, therapeutic or surgical methods are used to treat the patient.
  3. Seromes. After the operation, capsules with clear lymphatic fluid may appear in the fat intake area under the skin. If the formations are small, they are disposed of by removing the fluid. Surgery may be required to remove major gray.
  4. Hematomas. If lipofilling is performed on a large area of ​​the body and involves the transplantation of a significant amount of fat, hematomas can occur not only on the first day of correction, but also several days after the operation. Moreover, such hematomas, unlike early defects, are pronounced. At the first stage of hematoma appearance, therapeutic techniques are used to eliminate them. In difficult cases, puncture formations. If pus accumulates in hematomas after lipofilling, they are opened and drained.

Prevention of complications

What complications can occur after lipofilling? To avoid any complications after lipofilling, during rehabilitation, it is recommended that the patient:

  • wear compression underwear;
  • avoid physical exertion;
  • refuse to visit saunas and baths;
  • do not drink alcohol.

The period of rehabilitation depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, the size of the area of ​​the face or body being corrected, and the volume of the displaced fat. But in any case, throughout the entire period it is important to fulfill all the doctor's prescriptions.

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