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How does rehabilitation work after a woman's intimate plastics?

How is rehabilitation after female intimate plastics going? The medical practice includes a number of conditions that do not pose a threat to women's health, but literally spoil life. These include aesthetic imperfections of intimate organs. Many women are not satisfied with the condition of the labia. Some women think that they are too big or too small, others feel discomfort due to their deformity or asymmetry after childbirth. Intimate plasty (labioplasty) allows you to solve these problems, get rid of complexes and insecurities. What should you do after the operation?

Bed confinement

The time from the moment of the completion of the operation and up to the complete healing of the tissues is considered to be the rehabilitation period after female labyoplasty. After the end of the procedure, the doctor does not apply a bandage, but he injects an anesthetic or applies an antibiotic ointment. These remedies relieve the patient of pain, which allows her to return home at once. The main recommendation of plastic surgeons during this period is to comply with bed regime during the day after the operation.

Treatment of postoperative sutures

How is rehabilitation after female intimate plastics going? After labyoplasty or hymenoplasty (restoration of virginity) it is necessary to observe the following elementary rules of care for the area of the incision:

  1. In the early days, you may notice the appearance of excretions (lymph). In such cases, the surgeon appoints a special ointment to accelerate the healing of wounds. The agent is applied not to the genitals, but to the sanitary towel.
  2. During the first 10 days you need to remember about the treatment of sutures by means of a special disinfectant solution. Moreover, this should be done after each visit to the toilet (7-8 times a day).
  3. In order to avoid the appearance of swelling of the genital organs, it is necessary to ensure the coldness in the intimate zone. The clean hygienic napkins are used for this.

Swelling after surgery

Pain sensations after plasty are the natural reaction of the female body to surgical intervention. Most patients experience mild edema and poor blood flow during the postoperative period. In order to ease your condition and speed up the recovery process, you should follow the elementary rules listed below:

  • rest a lot while trying to be in a horizontal position (thus, the blood will circulate better, while removing the products of cellular decay from the damaged area and enriching it with nutrients and oxygen);
  • a full night's sleep will save the energy of the female body for recovery;
  • it is necessary to drink more liquid, and reject chilly, salty and smoked food.

If these recommendations and care rules are observed, the postoperative period will pass without significant problems. The full healing of wounds will take about 1 month (subject to standard restrictions).

Is there sex after intimate plastics?

How is rehabilitation after female intimate plastics going? Sexual arousal causes intense blood flow to the genitals. After intimate plasty even this factor can cause negative consequences in the form of separation of postoperative sutures or worsening of edema. Therefore, the doctors recommend to avoid sexual intercourse within 2 months after labyoplasty.

Will there be any scars?

The female intimate area easily tolerates surgical interventions and recovers quickly enough after them. Surgeons use different methods of cutting, applying and processing sutures. A suitable method is selected based on the physiological characteristics of the female body. As a result, the genitals have an absolutely natural appearance with no visible traces of the procedure.

Restrictions after surgery

  • The very next day a woman can return to her normal life while complying with certain rules:
  • it is necessary to avoid prolonged sitting;
  • it is necessary to wear only comfortable clothes and linen made of natural fabrics;
  • it is necessary to exclude means with aggressive components from female intimate hygiene means;
  • it is necessary to exclude physical activity for some time;
  • it is necessary to abandon those procedures that assume a thermal effect on the female intimate zone;
  • it is necessary to eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages and smoking;
  • it is necessary to refuse visiting the sauna, swimming pool and solarium for 2 weeks after the procedure;
  • it is necessary to suspend the intimate life for 1-2 months;
  • it is necessary to implement all the prescriptions of the plastic surgeon.

How to accelerate healing?

Strict adherence to the diet, restrictions, hygiene rules in the postoperative period and other recommendations of the plastic surgeon will allow you to easily cope with uncomfortable sensations. In individual cases, if complications arise, the doctor may prescribe medications for disinfecting and implementation of analgesic action at the processing the area of surgical intervention and for its quicker healing.

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