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Plasma Lifting, answer frequently asked questions

Plasmolifting, answers to frequently asked questions 1 Plasmolifting can effectively correct the age-related changes: remove wrinkles, restore skin tone and restore water balance. The fillers and synthetic ingredients are not used for the procedure.

The technique involves injection of the own blood plasma, thus avoiding side effects and significantly reducing the list of contraindications. Plasma contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids that are involved in all processes of the body.

In addition to the elimination of wrinkles on the face and neck area, the technique can significantly improve the condition of hair and scalp. Plasmolifting reduces hair loss and increases density of hair, eliminates dandruff and itching and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about plasmolifting.

Is it possible to tighten the skin using plasmolifting?

With this technique, it is possible to achieve a slight lifting effect in the range of 2-3 mm. Anti-aging effect is achieved by increasing the moisture content, improving the elasticity and color of the tissues.

Can plasmolifting tighten the chest?

No. In order to obtain the desired effect of lifting, the injections are not enough; the breast surgery is necessary.

How often is it necessary to repeat the treatment course?

Plasmolifting, answers to frequently asked questions 2 The recommended frequency of plasmolifting is two times a year.

Is it possible to get infected with HIV, syphilis, herpes or hepatitis during the treatment?

The risk of the disease is excluded because patient's own blood plasma is used for injection. All manipulations are performed with sterile instruments.

Do I need to be tested?

The patient undergoes the blood test before the procedure. To do this, you should submit a general analysis, biochemical analysis and the analysis for markers of infectious diseases (HIV, syphilis, hepatitis).

Is the procedure painful?

Since the thin needles are used for the injection, the discomfort during a session is minimized. Anesthesia may be conducted at the patient's wish.

Is it possible to perform the procedure during the period of pregnancy and lactation?

Plasmolifting, answers to frequently asked questions 3 There are no precise studies of the procedure’s influence on a child's development. Therefore, performing plasmolifting during pregnancy or lactation is not recommended.

Whether defects remain on the skin after plasmolifting?

Slight swelling and bruising can be observed after a puncture on the site of action, which disappear on their own.

What happens if I do not repeat the procedure?

A lifting effect of the treatment course lasts two years on average. If you do not want to repeat the procedure after that period, then the skin will lose the vitality and return to the previous state over time.

Plasmolifting procedure gives a good rejuvenating effect without complications if it was performed in a specialized clinic.