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Intimate plastic after childbirth

Intimate plasty after childbirth 1 The vaginal tissues of a woman are significantly affected in the process of childbirth resulting in their stretching. Over time, they will come back to normal, but in some cases only plasty may help to restore it. If breaks occurred during the childbirth, then the connective tissues are being formed at the damaged area that will eventually lose the ability to shorten, resulting in that the deformation cannot be eliminated by the natural way.

If the postpartum woman is unhappy with the form of large and small labia, it can be corrected by means of intimate plasty.

Labiaplasty as a solution

The operation allows to achieve a good aesthetic effect. You can use it to eliminate the asymmetry of small and large labia, reduce their size, adjust elongation or give them a look that was before the birth of the child.

The following tests should be submitted during the preparation for the intimate plasty: blood and urine tests, test for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and a smear for flora analysis. The operation can be carried out under general or local anesthesia; everything depends on the woman's wishes and expanse of the intervention. When performing the correction of the small labia, excision of tissues is performed. It can be done in several ways. Excision of the small labia edge allows to reduce their size and adjust their form without keeping the natural folds. Excision using V-shaped incision is used to eliminate skin grafts thus preserving the natural folding.

Excision of the large labia tissue is performed to achieve a desired cosmetic effect, but with obligatory preservation of their functions - the protection of the small labia from the infection. All seams are applied using bioresorbable sutures, so removal of sutures is not required.

Duration of the effect

Effect of intimate plasty is preserved forever. But an important condition is the time of the next pregnancy planning. If a woman is planning to have another child, labiaplasty will not affect the course of pregnancy or childbirth, but its result can be reduced to zero under difficult childbirth.

Will there be scars?

Intimate plasty after childbirth 2 There is quite active blood circulation in the crotch, so any traces of sutures disappear after a maximum of 3-4 months. The doctors operate as accurately as possible in the course of the intimate plasty, cosmetic sutures are applied and bioresorbable threads are used; it eliminates the formation of scar tissue in the vagina completely. Patients should also follow the recommendations.


  • Abandon tight linen made from rough fabrics;
  • Limit exercises and visiting of a swimming pool for 2-3 weeks;
  • Use disinfectant solution for the seams at the crotch area;
  • Observe personal hygiene rules.

You will be completely satisfied with the result after carrying out intimate plasty in a proven clinical and complying with all recommendations of the doctor.

Duration of the rehabilitation period

The woman leaves the clinic in 1-3 hours after the operation. If general anesthesia was used, the patient's stay in hospital can be increased up to 1 day. Immediately after the intimate plasty it is advised not to take the vertical position. Semi-strict bed rest should be observed within 2 days, after which you can return to normal life. This is followed by a scheduled examination on day 3 and 10. Complete vagina recovery occurs after 1 month after labiaplasty operation.

Intimate plasty after childbirth 3 The following is prohibited during the rehabilitation period:

  • Sex;
  • Sports;
  • Swimming in the pool or open water;
  • Taking baths;
  • Using of tampons;
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol.

Labiaplasty will return the desired beauty and help to get rid of the delicate problem after childbirth saving the result for a lifetime. It is important to carry out the operation in a certified clinic, which employs highly qualified specialists. An experienced and attentive physician will definitely give recommendations for rehabilitation and will follow the recovery process. If there was a problem of excess weight after birth, or abdominal skin lost tone and sagged - the doctor may recommend liposuction of problem areas and plasty of belly area. It is important to announce all the wishes during the first visit since some treatments can be carried out simultaneously, thereby reducing the period of rehabilitation.

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