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Restoration of virginity: why do women do hymenoplasty?

Restoration of virginity: why do women do hymenoplasty? In recent decades, plastic surgery has become very widespread. Representatives of this surgical specialty are engaged in the change and reconstruction of not only body parts, face, chest, but also genitals. They can even restore virginity.

For example, the task of labioplasty is to increase the aesthetic appeal of the female genitals. But the restoration of virginity is the prerogative of specialists in the field of hymenoplasty.

Reasons for encouraging women to undergo hymenoplasty surgery

There are no purely medical indications for hymenoplasty. Recreation of the hymen is one of the types of plastic operations performed only at the request of the woman. The reasons for encouraging her to take this step are purely aesthetic or moral. These include:

  • rupture of the hymen due to injury or unqualified examination by a gynecologist;
  • deprivation of virginity through sexual abuse;
  • religious or other beliefs that do not allow a girl who has lost her innocence to marry;
  • the desire to give a man or get the most special feelings during sexual intercourse.

But whatever the woman’s motives that prompted her to perform hymenoplasty, if she goes to MC Clinic of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery (Poltava), she can be sure that:

  • surgery to restore virginity will be carried out at a high professional level;
  • the rehabilitation period after hymenoplasty will pass quickly and easily;
  • defloration after surgery will be completely natural.

Restoration of virginity: why do women do hymenoplasty? And what is very important, the staff of the Medical Center strictly observe ethical norms. Therefore, the mystery of women associated with the restoration of virginity, will not go beyond the walls of the clinic.

The essence of the procedure and its types

Every female child at birth has a vaginal opening with a barrier in the form of a thin film with a small hole. Such education in medical circles is called the Hymen (on behalf of the Hymen of the Roman god of marriage). When the girl reaches adolescence, blood is released through the hole in the hymen during her period.

During the first sexual intercourse, defloration of the hymen gap occurs, and the hole in the hymen increases in size. During this process, a man experiences a feeling of overcoming obstacles, and a woman has pain sensations. The rupture of the chaff is accompanied by insignificant blood loss.

A few decades ago, the loss of virginity was considered an irreversible process. But the achievements of modern aesthetic medicine have refuted this statement. Surgical restoration of the hymen today has become a reality. This procedure, which allows a woman to become a virgin again, is fast enough and not at all complicated. It is usually performed under local anesthesia.

The essence of the operation of hymenoplasty is to artificially create a man the obstacles to penetration into the vagina, in the course of overcoming which a woman appears bleeding and pain. The clinic offers one of the two currently existing variants of hymenoplasty short-term or long-term.

The first type is relevant for women who will be a virgin enough for the next couple of weeks after the operation. For example, when intimate intimacy is planned in 7-14 days. During the short-term hymenoplasty, the remaining pieces of the hymen are stitched and a new hymen is formed. To do this, use specially designed for these purposes, the threads are capable of self-resorption.

For the operation will take 10-30 minutes. It depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. For a complete resorption of the threads, about 10 days is sufficient. After this type of hymenoplasty, a man and a woman will experience the same sensations as during the natural process of deprivation of virginity.

The second method of long-term hymenoplasty is somewhat more complicated. During the operation, tissue located near the entrance to the vagina is used to restore the integrity of the hymen. The vaginal mucosa is also involved in the process of reconstruction of the hymen. All involved tissues are sutured in three layers. High-quality implementation of such an operation can only be done by highly qualified specialists.

Reconstruction of the hymen by the method of long-term hymenoplasty requires a longer recovery period. Complete healing will take between three and five weeks. All this time should refrain from sexual intercourse. Usually, women are asked to restore their virginity to the clinic when they are 16-20 years old. But sometimes forty years old women also want to become virgins.

This operation is allowed several times. However, to get involved in the process of reconstruction of virginity is not worth it. When systematically performing an operation, hymenoplasty may simply not remain a building material in an amount sufficient to recreate the virginal membrane. An alternative to Hymenoplasty, which can create the illusion of innocence, can be special capsules or pharmaceuticals called hymen.

They are usually used by women who do not hesitate to undergo surgery. Capsules are tiny containers filled with safe artificial blood. Approximately an hour before the alleged proximity, it is placed in the vagina. This time is enough for the capsule to swell. During intercourse, it will burst, its contents will flow out.

Restoration of virginity: why do women do hymenoplasty? Artificial Hymen is a thin film. Its use is similar to that described above. Only for swelling the device is enough 15-20 minutes. During sexual intercourse, the film is torn. At the same time there are traces of red paint.

In the practice of surgeons, there are cases when patients turn to them with the request to perform surgical defloration. This procedure is necessary if the hymen is very strong and it is not possible to penetrate the vagina in a natural way. The output in this case is one to violate the integrity of the hymen with the help of a surgical scalpel.

Widespread myths about virginity

The lack of knowledge in this or that matter always entails the emergence of myths. This is especially true of medical problems. The fact that the name itself was incorrect, the hymen gave rise to the myth that, in an innocent girl, the entrance to the vagina is tightly closed with a film. During the first intercourse, it bursts. This process is accompanied by minor bleeding. In this case, the man feels resistance, and the woman pain.

If this does not happen, then the woman has already lost her virginity before. Such incompetent judgment sometimes breaks people's fates. But the truth is that different women hymen initially may be different:

  • have one or even more holes
  • be thin or fat
  • differ elasticity.

These indicators have a significant impact on the fact of the appearance of blood and the level of pain. According to statistics, about 40% of virgins blood at the first sexual intercourse does not happen. Full rupture of the film occurs only during the first birth. Even when examining a doctor, it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer whether the particular patient had an intimate relationship.

To avoid all sorts of myths about the loss of virginity before marriage, among the male half of the population should be carried out explanatory work in order to convey the above information.

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