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Seals after an injectable increase in the lips - what is the danger and how to get rid of them

Seals after injection lip augmentation - their danger and how to get rid of them photo 1 One side effect of the injection lip augmentation is the formation of seals. These can be formed as a result of improper compliance with the increasing procedure or due to characteristics of the organism.

Causes of seals

Seals come in several forms. They can take the form of hyaluronic acid concentrations under the skin of the lips. Granuloma may be a consequence as well, which manifests itself in the form of nodules on the surface of the skin. Fibroma is easily detectable with hands and forms the lips asymmetry.

Causes of occurrence:

  • Protrusion of the filler. This manifestation is called the Tyndall effect. It is formed as a result of insufficient injection depth or miscalculation of dosage;
  • Inflammation of the injection site. A local infestation is formed in the case of infection, which is accompanied by redness and general deterioration of the health condition;
  • The vascular injury and hematoma as a consequence. It is manifested as a result of accumulation of blood that is released from the damaged vessel. Often symptom passes off by its own;
  • Fibroma. With the penetration of drug into the tissue it can be seen as a foreign body. As a result, the body directs forces to isolate tissues from the body. Connective tissue that has a ball shape is formed at the injection site; it is well detectable and introduces asymmetry.

Seals after injection lip augmentation - their danger and how to get rid of them photo 2 Some of the balls, which emerged after the increasing procedure, may disappear on their own. Removal of more complex structures may require neutralization of hyaluronic acid or surgical intervention.

Is there a danger?

In some cases, the bullas in the tissues of the lips may be a natural reaction of the body; in this case, you should not worry. Within a few hours after injection, hyaluronic acid is distributed in the tissues, however some heterogeneity may be observed. Also, you should not worry, if the balls appear only in case of touching and there are no traces visually. This may be a result of the introduction of too dense filler.

But if there are bullas and you feel unwell, injection area is blushed, you have a fever, and the injection site is inflamed, then it is necessary to inform the doctor. Also you should pay attention to the bullas, which are visible on the surface of the lips. This may indicate the formation of fibroids, which may cause danger of extensive tissue inflammation.

How to get rid of the seals on the lips

If the neoplasms are the result of incorrect augmentation procedures, then it is worth to see a specialist, which will eliminate the defects.

Methods for eliminating of the defects:

  • Introduction of hormones. In case of fibroids formation, the hormone therapy is assigned that promotes the resorption of scarring.
  • Instrumental procedures. Darsonvalization or ultrasound massage is used in case of bleeding.
  • Plastic surgery. It is also used in the case of fibrosis when drug treatment has no effect.
  • Introduction of hyaluronidase. The drug neutralizes hyaluronic acid by eliminating protrusion and progression of fibroids formation.

In order to avoid such complications, you should carefully choose the specialist, and comply with all recommendations related to care.

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