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The rules of breast care after plastic surgery

Rules of care after breast plastic photo 1 The success of the breast surgery and appearance of the result largely depends on the post-operative care. If you follow all the doctor's recommendations, you will get the result that you wanted and you will not encounter any complications.

Rehabilitation period

The average period of rehabilitation after mammoplasty takes about 6 weeks. This time may vary depending on the complexity of the operation.

Expressed pain may be present only during the first week after surgery. Also, swelling and bruising may be present in the operated area for 2-3 weeks after the lifting. Some patients may notice discomfort near the implant that is related to entrapment of air between the silicone and the pectoral muscle. This symptom passes off by itself in 10 days.

The implants can take unnaturally high position immediately after the plasty. This symptom passes off in 2 months, and the breasts will take a more natural shape. The asymmetric ptosis or glands puffiness is possible as well. The breast returns to a harmonious shape and correct position after 2 months.

Rules of care for breast after the surgery

Rules of care after breast plastic photo 2 No matter what operation was carried out, either it was lifting or breast augmentation, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations of plastic surgeons.


  • Active movements and lifting of the hands are prohibited for 7-10 days after the operation. It is better to spend this time at rest, while avoiding contact with the breast and physical activities. Upon expiration of this term, you can go back to the light physical activities and perform exercises for the lower extremities. Activities involving the upper part of the body are only allowed after 6 weeks;
  • The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics within 5 days after the plasty;
  • The elastic bandage put onto the area of the incision may be applied for 2 weeks. It protects sutures from infection, so it is forbidden to remove and moisten it. If the bandage comes off, it is necessary to apply a new one. All manipulations are carried out by a plastic surgeon;
  • A crust is formed at the suture area after removal of the bandage. It is forbidden to remove it in order to avoid the formation of the scars;
  • When the bandages are removed, it is allowed to take a warm shower while paying special attention to breast. It cannot be rubbed with a washcloth or a towel, especially at the area of the suture;
  • The administration of antiviral drugs and ointments may be prescribed by the doctor within 2 weeks after removal of the bandages;
  • It is allowed to take a bath after 4 weeks past the surgery. Prior to this, any procedures with the effect of steaming, such as bathing and visiting of the baths or saunas are contraindicated;
  • The doctors recommend sleeping only on the back or on the side during the period of rehabilitation after mammoplasty;
  • Light touching to the breast is allowed in 4 weeks. Greater impact is only possible in 2 months.

The use of compression underwear is required throughout the recovery period after the plasty. It stimulates blood circulation and preserves the shape of the breast. In the future, it is recommended to abandon the use of a push-up, underlinen with laces and other elements capable of pressing or hurting the skin for 3-4 months. It is necessary to make a choice in favor of cotton underwear during this period.

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