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Aesthetic surgery of the chest and face - the secrets of perfection

Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast and Face - Secrets of Perfection photo 1 On September 23, 2017 in Kyiv, the company "POLITEHHEL HELS Ukraine" with the support of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons conducted a truly graceful event - the international master class: "Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast and Face - Secrets of Perfection", which was invited by the world-renowned plastic surgeon , talented lecturer, Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Padua (Italy) Mario Pele Cheravolo.

Almost 100 specialists practicing in Ukraine in plastic surgery have become participants in exciting discussions and lectures with video presentations of unique authoring techniques.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast and Face - Secrets of Perfection photo 2 A particularly pleasant moment was the fact that the opportunity to speak and share the experience in one audience next to such a great guest with a presentation was presented to two other well-known plastic surgeons in Ukraine, whose main areas of work are precisely the average area of ​​the face: the plastic surgeon of the medical center "Certus" , Ph.D. O.S.Tkachu and the leading surgeon of our medical institution-Ilya Yuryevich Slyusarev, who presented the report on the theme "Integrated approach to rejuvenation of the face".

It's great when colleagues have something to share, what to say and show.

After all, Mario Pelé Cheravolo is the author of a unique book "Aesthetic Surgery of the Middle Face", in turn, by Ilya Slyusarev, the author of the "Facial Lift", not less famous in the post-Soviet space.

It was pleasant to see sincere interest and real interest in the monograph from the side of Mario, to whom Ilya Yuryevich presented his monograph and also to hear his sincere "Thank you very much" after the lecture he listened to Ilya Yuryevich, because Ilya Yuryevich - a man with vast experience in plastic facial surgery, as well as unusual sincere charisma.

The grand event - the exchange of experiences of Mario Pelle Cheravolo and leading Ukrainian experts with colleagues-plastic surgeons - suggests that plastic surgery in Ukraine is developing at a rapid pace and the qualifications and level of knowledge of specialists are constantly growing and improving.

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